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Readers Respond: How have you modified your gas grill?

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Have you converted your gas grill to use lava rock, ceramic briquettes or some other heat medium? There are people who say that without something to hold heat and burn off the drippings, that a gas grill can't produce flavorful food. Since gas grills are not made with lava rocks these days, many people have taken to modifying their grills to get this feature back. How have you modified your gas grill? Share your modifications

Add Flame Tamers

Place flame tamers that have been turned upside down between existing flame tamers and fill with ceramic briquettes. This ads some flavour and helps keep drip tray clean.
—Guest Jesmandy

lava rocks rock

great article - just as you say - convert your grill to use lava rocks! you can replace them easily if you need to, they are inexpensive. they heat more evenly, allow the smoky flavor to work, and to prevent flare-ups you need to burn off the grease after cooking every time by heating the grill up to max for at least ten minutes with the cover closed. this also bear proofs your grill.
—Guest grills_bear

Added Lava Rocks

I added lava rocks to my charbroil industry grade four burner gas grill. All I did was buy a pair of adjustable grates at Home Depot and placed them directly on top of the four brass burners. Except for a couple of flare-ups I am very happy with the results. I hope manufacturers get with the program and start making grills with lava rocks again.
—Guest joemir9

Broil King and ceramic briquettes

I placed ceramic briquettes in the spaces between the heat deflectors. Does a great job getting hot without letting gas flames get directly to the food.
—Guest Lou Leikach

Just modified my grill

I have a Capt'n Cook grill that has served me well for almost 8 years but the heat plates (flavor bars) finally bit the dust. I looked around for replacements but the cost to replace them seemed to high. Anywhere from $25.00 to $40.00 each. I thought about it a bit and decided to convert to ceramic briquettes. I did a Google search and found a pair of cast iron grates that perfectly fit the area where the heat plates originally sat (little lip inside the grill). Dropped them in, covered them with the ceramic briquettes and done. The briquettes are fairly inexpensive so if they get crusty... I will just replace them and keep on grilling and chilling.
—Guest Chuck Higbee

modified gas grill

I replaced the lava rocks on a table top grill with a piece of fiber cement board. I drilled vent holes in it. Seems to work ok. I cooked some chicken on it today. It is eazy to scrap the drippings off the board. I don't know yet if too much heat is trapped under the board


Amazon carries rock grates and ceramic tiles of various sizes to fit most grills
—Guest Rich

Gas Grill Gasket

I have modified two Weber Genesis grills (the previous model E-310 and the currrent EP-330) with woodstove gasket around the front and sides using high heat adhesive (not low heat woodstove adhesive) . Since I almost always grill with wood chunks in a smoke box set below the grates on the flavorizer bars, this mod forces most the smoke out the rear vent gap providing a much improved smoke flavor.
—Guest richlife

Lava rocks vs Ceramic

I like the ceramic best they don't fill up with grease and other stuff like the pourous lava rocks do
—Guest ric

Modify gas grill

I lucked out and found one bag of ceramic briquets at Lowes for $0.45. I then went to a loval metal shop and bought a piece of expanded metal in the measurements of the space. Fits beautiful. Am now heating new briguets to season them. Maybe I can get back to using my grill again.
—Guest clhoward

flame to food bad taste

We just got a gas grill. Propane flame to the food really made the food taste bad. This article tells me what I need to do. Deflector tents are getting removed. Lava rocks going in. Heat up the rocks then turn off the flame then cook. Cant believe anyone would put a steak over a direct flame like that. The fumes go right onto the food. Yuk
—Guest Russ


Made a two burner out of a Q220. The center burner serves to slow roast or add to the outer normal burner. Bought a replacement controller for a Q300/320 (with knobs) and made a bracket of 1/8" x 2" alum. bar. Center burner cut from old 220 burner and brazed where needed. Center burner needed smaller orifice (.025") to work (made myself with 5/16 brass hex stock - 1/4-32 thread) This grill (Weber Q220) is perfect sized - did not want a larger grill so modified to suit - works super great!
—Guest BillyBob

Lava Rocks on Gas Grill

Although Great Mountain stated no lava rocks are needed in their gas grills, I use them. I really need to place a wire grill under the rocks, but haven't yet. Great Mountain has brass burners that has a small ledge above the burner holes. I just place rocks on top of and around the burners. Works well!
—Guest sailor4you

Converted gas grill

Sure have converted. Used to have lava rock on a flame tamer. That kept rusting out & needed regular replacement. Eventually had to replace the whole BBQ & bought one with ceramic briquettes in a frame. The ceramic burns the drippings completely away & I think, gives more flavour in doing so. Better than lava rock. Rock tends to retain the burnt drippings.
—Guest Barry Oliver

BBQ with ceramic briquettes

I bought a bbq that came with ceramic briquettes - the Broilmaster P3. It was hard to find, as almost all bbq's now come with the metal bars. Makes all the difference - although it takes much longer to heat up - it also keeps the heat in. Most restaurants use ceramic briquettes of some sort on their grills. It's the only way to go for flavor and to get a bit of char. The metal bars have eliminated flare ups, but also any flavor, and you can't char anything on them.

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How have you modified your gas grill?

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