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Readers Respond: Your recipes and methods for cooking Tri-Tip

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From the article: Beef Tri-Tip
Whether you prefer the roast or the steak cut, how do you cook your Tri-Tip. This wonderful cut is becoming a favorite all over, yet I continually get requests for advice on how to prepare it. Now is your turn to throw in your ideas and let everyone know your favorite methods and recipes for Tri-Tip. Share your Recipes

This Is How it's done.

Dry rub with salt, black pepper, onion powder, garlic powder, ancho chili powder, and a touch of chipotle. Cover and place somewhere cool for 4-6 hours. Next pour half a bottle of balsamic vinegarette over the steak and let sit one hour, flipping once. You can also massage the steak at this point working it like a sponge to draw in the dressing. Place on a hot grill fat side up, burners on high to sear. The oil in the dressing will run off the steak and flame up, this is not just ok but desired. Cook on high heat for 1-2 min for a good sear or until the meat is sufficiently blackened. Turn burners under the tri tip off, and cook indirect at about 300-325 for 20 min. Flip the meat to fat side down and sear over high heat for 1-2 min. The fat will emulsify and cause quite the flame, again this is ok, but if it gets too black pour some beer or water on the BBQ, to reduce the flame. Once seared and blackened cook indirect for 10 min or to an internal temp of 130. Rest 10 min.
—Guest Calvin

Amazing when pan fried

I've had ribeye, filet mignon, and NY strips, and none of them compare. Tri tip steaks, cut at around 1" or 1.5" Dry rub with a1 "bold original" seasoning Pan fry in 2tbs of butter on high heat for 3-4 minutes per side for medium. That's it. :-)
—Guest Zach

angus tri tip steaks

I marinated four steaks in a teriyaki marinade for about 2 hours. Indirect grilled them for no longer than approx. 25 minutes, let stand about 10 minutes, cut against the grain and enjoy. I like my steaks med rare, so cook longer depending on your personal preference. They were tender and juicy. Enjoy!
—Guest sue custer

Tri Tip Steaks

I found these at Wal Mart in Missouri and Googling around for helpful cooking hints. Not as inexpensive as some are reporting but those Wal Mart commercials don't lie they sell some pretty darn good steaks. From your comments I think I will marinate lightly and grill (we like medium rare)
—Guest Mrs Rick

Different but juicy everytime

I've learn from my dad how to bbq charcol and since the first lesson to the day my bbqer stops grillin, i've had and loved Tri-Tip. I use: seasoning salt (heavy with it), 2-3 bay leaves, crushed basil from the store, galic powder (or galic salt), onion powder, and if need be some steak tenderizer powder all mixed well in water. If you try this play with how much salt vs onion vs garlic per your preference on either. I'm big on galic and salt guy. Pour that into a plasic freezer bag, add meat, mix, and marinate overnight in fridge. Cooking usualy takes about 30minutes. Fliping often is a preference. Each time you flip use the extra liquid from the bag to pour over the top. Usually gives a redish line around edge of cuts (simular to smoke line) I like mine chard just a bit for some tasty brunt ends, but stays juicy and is easy on the wallet
—Guest Doug

Red River BBQ San Antonio

Smoke with oak 1 1/2 hours at no more than 250 degrees. Remove from smoker, wrap in foil and cook for 1 1/2 hrs. in apre-heated 240 oven. Let sit for 30 minutes and carve against the grain for a smooth cut.You can season the roast with Bolners Brisket Rub and refrigerate for a day before smoking.
—Guest Curtis

Easy Tri-tip crowd pleaser - Gas Grill

Marinade a 2 - 2.5 lb tri tip in a Jack Daniels EZ Marinade bag in the mesquite flavor or JD BBQ sauce as alternate in plastic bag for 2 -24 hours. Bring meat out of fridge one hour or so before cooking to temper. Pre heat grill, two heat zones: sear and off. Sear about 5 minutes on each side or when you get the desired texture - watch out because too much can cause sugars in the marinade to carmelize and ten black. Move to cool or off heat zone and roast for 30 - 45 minutes. Finish with BBQ sauce or custom glaze for last 10 mins. Remove from grill when internal temp is 130-135 in the thikest part. Let rest, tented with foil for 10 minutes and serve.
—Guest Brad


I grew up on this in California, loved it so much the left over hunk after dinner I would just snatch up and snack on it. We did this simple we used steak seasoning, worcheshire sauce, salt and pepper. I cooked this as an adult and have always been told to cook the fat on the top so gravity pulls the juices into the meat. Cook it low and for about an hour and reserve juices as an aujui.
—Guest JP

long marinade, then grill

marinade for 4-6 hrs in soy sauce, teriyaki, good red wine (pinot noir or shiraz), Worcestershire sauce, garlic and black pepper. sear on high heat, locking in the juices. cook indirect for 40-45 mins or until "medium". medium well is too much for this cut. cut against grain. serve w/grilled asparagus.
—Guest Rootsboogie

My thoughts

1. Never pierce the meat with a fork when you're cooking it, or beforehand. 2. The is no reason to flip it more than once. 3. MAKE SURE YOU SLICE THIN AND AGAINST THE GRAIN. This is absolutely necessary.
—Guest Wu


I liked Tri Tip as Shish-Kabob and I loved it, since then I never tasted any other part of beef for shish-kabob
—Guest Fadoe Abraham

Apple wood indirect

I live in Florida, so tri-tip isn't the most common cut (that and they don't label it "tri-tip" at Publix). But I found one yesterday and tried it for the Fourth of July BBQ. I used indirect on my Weber kettle over lump charcoal and a few pieces of apple wood. When it reached about 135 in the thick part, I finished with a 2 or 3 minute direct sear. Seasoned wig a simple steak rub, garlic powder, onion powder, salt, pepper. Also made up a quick mop of BBQ sauce and Coca-Cola. It was one of the most delicious pieces of beef I've ever cooked and will certainly become part of my regular rotation!
—Guest Mikey B

perfect ri tip every time

Trim. Oil room temp tri tip, preferrably with canola. Press lots of garlic, salt, and pepper into the meat. Grill over low heat, 5 minutes per side starting with fat side down. Turn every five minutes. 30 to 40 for med rare. 40 to 45 for well done. Rest for a few minutes (both you and the tri tip). Cut on plate. Save juices to dip crusty garlic toast. Enjoy. It will be awesome.
—Guest CoastalChick

Tri Tip Recipe

I experiment with all sorts of food, but mostly beef and pork. If you like to make the perfect beef taquitos I have a surprise for you. Season the meat as you will then cover with your favorite liquid and simmer several hours until meat comes apart. You will find that the muscle seperates in long sipping straw type lengths that will roll up perfectly in a tortilla. Another tip: cut taquitos in half to serve.
—Guest Mark Boone

Pot it in the Dutch oven - YUM

I'd never seen a tri-tip before last night, but it looked like a nice lean piece of beef to make a small pot roast dinner. I trimmed the excess slab of fat and rubbed the tri-tip with fresh ground pepper & fresh thyme, then seared all sides in my Dutch oven. Remove meat and saute some onions, celery and garlic in olive oil in the same pot. Add 1/2 cup wine and stir up brown bits, then add 3 cups of lo-sodium beef broth, 1/2 can tomato paste, sliced carrots, halved baby Yukon Gold potatoes, fresh chopped rosemary to taste. Cover and place Dutch oven in preheated 350 deg. oven for about 1 hour 15 minutes. Turn off oven and let it rest another 10 minutes or so. I added salt while cooking and found you do not need to. The broth condenses and salts everything enough. Just pepper and fresh herbs. The meat was like velvet layer cake and the gravy juices were incredible. Hope to find a tri-cut again soon!
—Guest Pat

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