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USPS Mailbox Smoker

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By Gold_Bar_Bob

USPS Mailbox Smoker

Old beat up USPS mailbox

USPS Mailbox Smoker

A new old USPS mailbox smoker

What do you call your Smoker?

Started with an old backed into postal mail box. took out the dents, fab. vents and added shelves sand blasted then had it power coated post office blue. Looked so good when I showed it to the post office they want it back so they could reuse it.

How was your smoker built?

About 20 chicken thighs or three or four butts or briskets. It cooks kind of hot so works best with chicken.

What kind of Capacity does it have?

Placed with chicken more then once.

What Style of Smoker is it?

Vertical USPS mailbox smoker

What kind of Fuel does it run on?

Charcoal with a charcoal basket in the bottom of the cooker and a water pan can be placed in the cooker also. Chicken I use 1 chimney full. There are two shelves and the mail drop door at the top works as the top vent.

Tips and Tricks

  • If I could get it to someone that really understood how to build a smoker it would be a great cooker. Very heavy steel and a good shape for smoking.

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