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Jim Bob Smoker

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By BBQ Jim

Jim Bob Smoker

Here, i'm smoking my own bacon.

Jim Bob Smoker

Here, i'm smoking my own bacon.

What do you call your Smoker?

Jim Bob

How was your smoker built?

It was built out of an old 250 gal. fuel tank.

What kind of Capacity does it have?

It has three rack that rotate around each one is 11" x 48". It also has another rottisserie that holds up to 28 chickens.

Won any Competitions? When and Where?

Yes, i won 1 competition in Watertown Wi. I took first for baby back ribs.

What Style of Smoker is it?

It's an offset smoker. The fire box is 2 feet long and 2 foot diameter.

What kind of Fuel does it run on?

Just charcoal and wood for smoke. I used to use briquettes now i just use natural lump. I have a good supply of apple wood for smoke and flavor. I like it the best. Some of it is in chunks and some is all chipped up in old feed bags. That works very well.

Tips and Tricks

  • Just be patient. BBQing is all about low and slow.
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