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Weber Genesis E-330 Gas Grill

User Rating 4 out of 5
5 out of 5 5 out of 5
nearly perfectNovember 13, 2012 By Dragonphire
Got this grill about three months ago based on hundreds of reviews. It has been excellent and works well. It good be much less expensive though as it is really really kinda high priced. I have this to replace my Charmglow island. That thing rusted out twice in five years. It got really hot and looked good but couldnt control the heat well. I hope this last at least ten years.
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5 out of 5 5 out of 5
Machine!June 02, 2012 By FrancisBurn
I live in Vancouver, BC. It rains all the time and I leave it uncovered all winter. For two years now she shines up perfectly when the weather is good. I pretty much wash it like a car, except the side burner and inside i don't hose down of course. The cast iron is awesome, I season it with lard, but you can use shortening if your picky. After using it i heat it to 400 or 500, scrape it and dowse it with a lard covered brush, i think all the grease helps keep it in awesome shape inside. Only once i gave it a good cleaning and just wiped and lightly scraped (with a plastic scraper) all the black grease off inside, the parts are good as new. The propane bottle weight scale is great and works well to tell you when you need a top up. The side burner is flush when not in use so its perfect. I always throw on a big cast iron skillet on there, its nice and heavy and secure. I cook all my meat now on the weber, all year around, then it doesn't stink or grease up the house, or get the house hot on warm days. When its less than 5 deg Celcius out it takes a while to heat up and depending on how cool it is, it may not get as hot as i'd like. I have only three burners but i think i could use the extra burner for those cooler days, or for a quicker warm up. I wish it had drawers for utensils. In two years she has not aged a bit, with almost daily use.
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1 out of 5 1 out of 5
Rust Rust Rust after 1 month of useMay 07, 2012 By aufan4ever
I just purchased this grill from Lowes one month ago. I did heavy research and everything on this grill illustrated high quality and the main reason for purchasing this grill for the price (3 times competitors). I have had the grill under a covered screened porch and clean and cover (Weber vinyl cover). I noticed that the grates were started to have a rust color, then I lifted them and the flavorizer bars and burners were covered in a thick rust. I tried to clean to them, but they were completely corroded with rust. I called Weber and they were very nice and ask that I send pictures. I sent mutliple pictures clearly showing the rust and they promptly called me back, but there exact words, ""sorry it is normal for these to do this, the warranty only cover complete rust through or burn through""; ""there is nothing we can do"". I was shocked, I have owned 300 dollar grills that did not rust like this so soon after purchase. Also, I just could not believe all the positive reviews. I just wanted to let out the truth for those contemplating Weber. I am not sure what has happened to their quality, but I would highly recommend staying away from this grill. On a positive side, the grill does cook well and evenly, so if you can live with rust then you may consider this grill. I will never purchase a Weber product again.
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5 out of 5 5 out of 5
Weber 330 Exceeds ExpectationsMarch 31, 2012 By SonomaGrilln
My seven-year-old Vermont Castings grill finally gave up the ghost. It performed reasonably well, and I cooked many delicious family meals on it. Compared to the Sunbeam, Charbroil, and Coleman grills that came before, it was the best, but it was time to move on to a new grilling chapter in my life. That's when the new Weber Genesis caught my eye. Standing there amongst the other grills in the big box store, it beckoned a closer inspection. Though this particular unit was an unflattering copper color, it was clear from the uncluttered simplicity of the design yet solid feeling lid and controls that this was no ordinary grill. I was ready to impulse buy right there. But copper toned?!! Not a chance. So I had to special order the Hunter Green model from Home Depot's mother ship back east. Now, I could have bought the stainless steel model right next to it but, as any experienced grill master knows, they never seem to cook as well with all that radiant heat reflecting all around inside. No, the green model it would be. It showed up on time and in perfect condition, ready for my teenage daughter and me to assemble. How has it performed so far? This grill goes to 11 (on a scale of 1 to 10). It cooks everything at the right temperature without damaging flare ups or accidental incinerations; it is a very forgiving grill. In fact, it is the first grill that actually...truly.. ..really sears the steaks. I used to have to heat up a heavy lined pan on the side burner of the old VC grill until it reached 4000 degrees kelvin in order to pre-sear the steaks before putting them on the grill for some smoky goodness. The ""sear station"" works as advertised. But the real benefit of this grill is not how high, but how low it can cook, which it does well when it's rib time. It slow cooks them almost like a real wood-fired barbeque (with or without the optional wood smoker accessory). To sum it up, it is easy to clean, efficient, attractive, and man does it cook well! At around $900 delivered to my front door, I consider it a real bargain. And it is nice for a change to buy something made mostly here in the US. Bon Appetit!
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