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Top 10 Turkey Rub Recipes

The Best Rubs for your Turkey


These are the best and most popular turkey rubs I have. Try one of these on your next turkey and remember to get the rub under the skin and inside the turkey. A good rub adds layers of flavor and these will help you make the most of your next turkey.

1. Herb Turkey Rub

Tim Sackton/Flickr

This is a great rub for turkey anyway you plan to cook it. It really is best that you use fresh rosemary because you want the oils from the rosemary to season the turkey.

2. Cajun Turkey Seasoning

This is a great basic Turkey rub with enough heat to make it interesting. You can use this rub on all poultry, no matter how you prepare it.

3. Citrus-Rosemary Turkey Rub

This rub has more of a paste consistency. Be sure to mix the ingredients well and to get the rub under the skin as well as placing it on the surface of the turkey.

4. Custer's Old Fashioned Turkey Rub

This rub combines everything you need for a delicious turkey. Remember when rubbing poultry you want to get it under the skin. Skin blocks flavor, and while you might get some tasty skin it won't help the meat any.

5. Deep Fried Turkey Rub

This recipe calls for a lot of bay leaves. It's actually about 1/3 cup, so if you have crushed bay leaves you can use that. The real secret to fried turkey is to get the rub well on the surface of the turkey before it hits the oil.

6. Poultry Rub

This is a great all purpose poultry rub. It works well on grilled chicken wings or even deep fried turkey. Use Hungarian Paprika if you can find it because it has a much richer, sweeter flavor.

7. Country Rub

This wet rub should be a thick paste once mixed. It can be used on any kind of meat, but is particularly good on poultry. If you do use it on poultry be sure to get it under the skin.

8. Walter Jetton's Dry Poultry Seasoning

Walter Jetton was one of the pioneers of barbecue in Texas during the 50's and 60's. He became famous as the pit-master of President Johnson and also wrote a cookbook. This is his poultry dry rub recipe. You can leave out the MSG if you are so inclined.

9. Creole Turkey Rub

While 25 bay leaves might seem like a lot, this rub is just perfect for turkey. Especially, if you are doing a deep fried turkey.

10. Jerk Turkey Rub

This mild jerk seasoning adds a fantastic flavor to turkey whether you are going to grill, smoke, or deep fry it. Remember when applying a rub to poultry you have to get it under the skin. The skin blocks flavor and won't let the rub penetrate.

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