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Turkey Recipes

Don't fire up the oven to cook your next turkey. Try these recipes for grilled, smoked, or deep fried turkey. There is more flavor in a turkey and a whole lot more to the experience than simply roasting.
  1. Turkey Breast Recipes (17)
  2. Turkey Brine Recipes (14)
  3. Turkey Dry Brine Recipes (11)
  4. Turkey Injection Recipes (11)
  5. Turkey Marinade Recipes (11)
  6. Turkey Rub Recipes (12)

Top 10 Turkey Recipes
For most people we tackle the whole turkey only one time a year so there isn't much chance for practice and no excuse for getting it wrong. These turkey recipes will help you make the most of the few chance you get to get it right. Whether you grill, smoke, fry, brine, or roast your turkey you can find out the science and the art to a great bird...

Apple Wood Smoked Turkey
Just wanted to give you guys a recipe for smoked turkey that I've had excellent results with. It's a favorite around here. Just thought I'd share it with you guys. I made this on the 4th and it was the first to go. Didn't last long at all! And I got nothing but compliments on it.

Barbecue Turkey Legs
These tasty turkey legs are slow grilled to perfection and basted in a classic barbecue sauce. They are great for any occasion from dinner to tailgating.

Basil and Orange Turkey
This grilled turkey is sure to please. The combination of citrus, herbs makes this a tasty bird.

Charcoal-Grilled Turkey with Fresh Herb Butter
This is a quick way to grill a turkey. By butterflying the bird you can cook it a little quicker and since this turkey spends a lot of time in a pan you get drippings for a great gravy.

Cranberry and Tequila Turkey Legs
This is a great recipe for turkey legs. The combination of the cranberry juice, lime juice, and the chipotle peppers, makes this a delicious tart and spicy dish.

Festival Turkey Legs
This is supposedly the authentic recipe used by turkey leg vendors at fairs and festivals. Boiling the turkey legs first may seem like cheating but if you have to make thousands of them to sell you don't want to have them sitting on your grill for 20 to 30 minutes before you sell them.

Glazed Turkey Thighs
These turkey legs get slow roasted on the grill with a sweet, flavorful glaze. They make a great meal, snack or practically anything.

Grilled Buttermilk Turkey Drumsticks
Here is another delicious grilled turkey drumstick recipe for you to try.

Grilled Spicy Whole Turkey
This is a flavorful Southwestern-style grilled turkey recipe.

Grilled Teriyiaki Turkey Burgers
An Asian style turkey burger that can be eaten with or without a bun.

Herbed Rotisserie Turkey
Next time you decide to roast a turkey, try it rotisserie style on the grill. This is a simple, easy to follow, delicious recipe for those who are beginners.

Jerk Beer Can Turkey
This grilled turkey not only gets the moisture of the beer can but the great flavor of Jerk seasonings. This is a turkey the will please anyone who doesn't like turkey. Full of flavor, moist and tender.

Rotisserie Turkey
You need a good strong rotisserie to make rotisserie turkey. Check with your instruction manual or the manufacturer to make sure that your rotisserie set, especially the rotisserie motor is rated for the weight of your turkey. For more information check out my article on Rotiserie cooking.

Saucy Turkey Wings
This is a great way to kick up the flavor of a turkey wing. The sauce is spicy and sweet accompanied by a traditional tomato base. Try this wing recipe next time you have a cookout and see just how surprised and delighted your guests will be.

Savory Grilled Turkey
Try this Grilled Turkey Recipe from our friends at the Hearth, Patio, and Barbecue Association and the National Turkey Federation. Loaded with flavor, this basted turkey is easy to grill and perfect for any occasion.

Smoked Beer Can Turkey
Double the size of the can for this big bird and you can smoke a turkey on a beer can. This is a great way to keep the turkey moist by putting steam inside the turkey while it cooks. If you've tried beer can chicken then you know this is going to be great.

Smoked Honey Glazed Turkey
This is an easy way to smoke a turkey. The marinade mixture is used as an injection solution and as a baste. If you bring up the smoker temperature towards the very end you can get a nice crispy skin.

Smoked Turkey on the Grill
Here's a way to get a great smoked turkey if you don't have a smoker. Use your grill to slow roast this tasty bird and keep it tender.

Soul Food Turkey Legs
These turkey legs are slow roasted on the grill making sure they are tender and moist. The rub needs to get under the skin to add the flavor and it needs to sit there long enough to blend with the natural juices of the turkey legs.

Szechuan Smoked Turkey
The combination of these Asian inspired flavors will turn your next turkey into something everyone will remember. Afterall, who said that you have to stick with the same old flavors year after year. Make sure you plan on the long cook time for this recipe. A 15 pound turkey will take at least 8 hours.

Turkey Burgers with Cucumber Relish
A tasty low-fat turkey burger. You can substitute the sour cream for a healthier alternative like yogurt or low fat sour cream.

Turkey on a Spit
This is a basic recipe for rotisserie turkey. Remember that you have to have a rotisserie kit that is strong enough for the weight of the bird. Check with your instruction manual before you buy a turkey that's too big.

Turkey with Cranberry Glaze
Grilling is a wonderful way to get a moist and tender turkey. The cranberry glaze will add a nice hint of sweetness to the dish.

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