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Top 10 Turkey Injection Marinade Recipes

The Best and Most Popular Turkey Injection Recipes


What to add flavor to your next turkey? Try injecting it right into the meat. Injecting Turkey is the best way to get flavor inside. An injection marinade works from the inside, tenderizing and flavoring the meat while it slowly spreads through the meat.

1. Beer n' Butter Poultry Injection

Beer n Butter Poultry Injection
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Use this injection marinade to reach deep into the meat of poultry. It works really well on turkey. Make sure the mixture is warm to keep the butter in liquid form.

2. Savory Turkey Injection

Savory Turkey Injection
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This is a flavorful injection marinade for turkey. Remember to get it spread out evenly so you don't end up with pockets of the marinade in the meat.

3. Cajun Turkey Injection

Cajun Turkey Injection
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This is the classic solution injected into the meat of turkeys which are fried Cajun style. By getting the flavors inside the meat you won't have to worry about the hot oil washing them off. Make sure you distribute the injection evenly so you don't get large pockets of the mixture.

4. Butter Based Injection Sauce

Butter Based Injection Sauce
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Remember that an injection sauce is a marinade and needs to spend some time with the meat to work best. You should plan on using this injection marinade several hours before you start cooking. This is great with any kind of poultry, particularly turkey.

5. Hot & Spicy Poultry Injection

This injection marinade adds real heat under the skin of any poultry. If you want a little fire in your bird this is a great sauce to use. Make sure you only put small amounts in each place end up with large pockets of hot sauce.

6. Turkey Injection Sauce

This injection solution super-hydrates your turkey so it stays nice and moist while it cooks. The cayenne and hot sauce give it a Cajun flare that makes this recipe perfect for fried turkey.

7. Honey Beer Turkey Injection

This Turkey Injection combines a traditional Cajun flavor with beer and honey to give you a well balanced flavor. Since this injection marinade contains honey you need to use it warm (not hot).

8. Italian Herb Turkey Injection Marinade

Lots of injection marinades are built around a Cajun flavor. This one is mild in heat, but rich in herb flavors. Make sure that the herbs you use are well ground so that they will fit through your injection needle.

9. Spicy Poultry Injection

This injection solution has a good dose of cayenne which will add some heat to your turkey. Make sure you spread it throughout the meat so you don't end up with pockets of cayenne.

10. Greek Turkey Injection Marinade

Add some Greek flavor to your next turkey with this injection marinade loaded with lemon, olive oil and Greek seasonings.
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