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North American Outdoors 35-Quart Aluminum Saf-T-Fryer - Discontinued

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North American Outdoors 35-Quart Aluminum Saf-T-Fryer

North American Outdoors 35-Quart Aluminum Saf-T-Fryer

North American Outdoors

The Bottom Line

Frying turkeys can be dangerous business no matter what you do. This doesn't mean that you need to give it up completely. For most people once you've tried deep fried turkey you don't want to go back. The Saf-T-Fryer is what you get when you give the list of risks to a team of engineers. This unit takes virtually all the risk out of frying a turkey (provided that you follow the instructions). With everything you need to fry a turkey (except the oil) this unit is the complete solution that provides many great safety features. If you really want to fry a turkey the traditional way, this is the unit for you.


  • Wide top pot makes overflows virtually impossible
  • Automatic electronic shut-off and restart
  • Stable, wide leg stand reduces tip over risk
  • Complete Turkey Fryer kit with everything included but the oil


  • Thermostatic control limits cooking temperature
  • Loose wiring hanging off the bottom of the unit


  • 50,000 BTU cast iron burner
  • Stable four leg wide stance stand for stability
  • Large capacity stock pot with large overflow space at the top
  • Spigot type drain in the bottom of the stock pot
  • Electronic ignition with temperature controlled auto shut-off and restart feature
  • Includes turkey fryer stand, stock pot, turkey basket with two handles, and external thermometer

Guide Review - North American Outdoors 35-Quart Aluminum Saf-T-Fryer - Discontinued

This product has been discontinued.

We've probably all heard the horror stories associated with deep fried turkey. This process is considered so dangerous that no turkey fryer has received an UL stamp of approval. Fire Marshall's loathe them and hospitals fear them, but you can't deny the great taste of a deep fried turkey (Cajun style of course). You also can't deny that being able to cook a 20-pound turkey in 60 minutes is very cool.

This complete fryer kit was built with all the risks in mind. To prevent the unit from being tipped over, the Saf-T-Fryer has an extra wide four legged design. To keep the frying pot on the burner this unit has an enclosed cage that keeps the pot on the burner. The cooking pot is design with an extra wide top section that makes it virtually impossible for the unit to boil over (any oil in the top section has a lot more space to move around in and will cool down quickly).

When frying a turkey it is important that you stay with the fryer and monitor it at all times. Since the cooking time is short this shouldn't be a problem. This unit incorporates a temperature safety feature that will help you monitor the fryer. If the temperature of the oil goes above 450 degrees F the burner shuts off. Once the temperature drops back down to 400 degrees F it turns on again. This keeps the unit at an ideal temperature. Unfortunately some people have reported that they have had trouble getting the unit up to the ideal frying temperature so there seem to be some design issues with this unit.

All of these considerations make this one of the safest ways to deep fry anything. When this unit was designed a lot of thought was given to presenting a complete package and this unit does it. For around $100USD you get the pot, fryer stand, burner and hose, fryer basket, thermometer, and lid.

User Reviews

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 4 out of 5
Awesome system and safe, Member ScottF.

This is an awesome fryer. I have used several styles and this one is the MOST stable and well thought out. The expansion area bell mouth is great. The wire basket for lowering the food into the pot is smart. The two biggest problems I hear is 1)the fryer didn't get hot enough... The instructions tell you to coat the temp sensor with a packet of hi temp silicone lube to help the sensor conduct heat and be acurate. It warns you of this and if you don't read the instructions that's your doing. 2) developed a pin hole in the pot... I have a pin hole in mine and can atest to this problem. The pot is too thin. But all fryers are thin pots. I haven't seen anyone using a thicker pot. No one else is using a pour spout on their pots for easy clean up. I will buy this setup again. And the newest version has the temp gauge mounted on the side of the pot.

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