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Top 10 Turkey Brine Recipes

The 10 Best and Most Popular Turkey Brine Recipes


One of the best ways to make a better Turkey is with a good Brine. Brining Turkey is a process of adding moisture and flavor to meat by use of a salt-water mixture. There are many ways to make a great brine and these turkey brine recipes are amongst the best I know. So, whether you are roasting, grilling, smoking, or frying your next turkey, start out with a good brine and make it so much better. For detailed brining instruction see my Brining Turkey - Step by Step.

1. Savory Turkey Brine

Andrew Malone/Flickr

This turkey brine gets a portion of its salt from vegetable stock. The combination of spices and herbs will give your bird a rich flavor.

2. Apple Spice Brine

Apple Spice Brine
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A brine is typically water and salt with a little sweet to give it flavor. This brine uses fruit juices for water providing flavor and sweet at the same time.

3. Smoked Turkey Brine

Smoked Turkey Brine
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This brine recipe makes enough for a whole turkey and will add flavor and give you a juicier and more tender bird.

4. Cranberry Turkey Brine

What better to brine a turkey in than cranberry?

5. Holiday Poultry Brine

Holiday Poultry Brine
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This poultry brine is perfect for the holiday turkey. By using stock you get extra flavor with a mild saltiness that makes for a perfect brine.

6. Clove and Honey Brine for Turkey

This brine will give your turkey a subtle sweetness and all the tenderness and moisture of a good poultry brine.

7. Poultry Brine

This brine works with the added power of pickling spices which increases the moisture in poultry with some great seasonings for more flavor.

8. TomKattt's Poultry Brine

Tomkattt's Poultry Brine
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Tom Katt sent in this brining recipe that is perfect for poultry. Though it works well for most poultry, it is perfect for that holiday turkey.

9. Maple Brine

This brine can be used on any kind of poultry and pork.

10. Apple Cider Turkey Brine

The apple cider in this turkey brine give the slightest hint of tartness that fills out the flavors of this recipe. Add to this the herbal flavors of the rosemary and bay leaves and this is a great brine. I suggest trying to match up any additional flavorings to the brine to reenforce the flavor profile.

11. Fruity Turkey Brine

The citrus fruit in this brine not only add a great tangy flavor but also act to tenderize the meat of the poultry. The mild acid of the lemon will help to carry flavors deep into the meat.

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