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Smoking Turkey - Step by Step


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Turkey Rub - Smoking Turkey
Turkey Rub - Smoking Turkey

Turkey Rub - Smoking Turkey

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Before the turkey goes in the smoker you will want to add some flavor to the bird. This is best done with a spice rub. You can use your favorite ingredients in this rub, from dried spices to fresh herbs to the zest of citrus fruit. What remains important is applying these flavors where they are most beneficial; this means under the skin.

Note: If you want to baste the bird later, set aside a tablespoon or two of the rub.

Starting where the leg connects to the body, slip your hand under the skin and loosen it as much as you can around the breast and body of the turkey. Push your turkey rub into this space and spread it out evenly. Work the rub into as many meaty areas as possible, as well as the body cavity. I typically prepare a lot of the rub and put whatever I can't get under the skin in the body cavity. As the moisture from the bird mixes with the rub it will steam the inside with flavor.

To give the turkey I nice color once it is cooked, sprinkle the outside of the bird lightly with paprika. This won't provide much flavor but it helps to give the turkey a rich color.

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