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Smoking Turkey - Step by Step


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Preparing the Fire - Smoking Turkey
Preparing Fire - Smoking Turkey

Preparing Fire - Smoking Turkey

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There are many great ways to cook a turkey, but my favorite is smoking. This requires a cooking time of about 30 minutes per pound at a cooking temperature around 235 degrees F. Make sure that you build your fire accordingly. I am smoking a 13 pound turkey so I will be running my smoker for about 6 1/2 hours, but I will plan on 7 just to be on the safe side.

However, you can smoke your turkey at 250 degrees F to reduce the cooking time a little. Plan on 25 minutes per pound at this temperature. This is a better strategy for larger turkeys.

I suggest lightly oiling your cooking grate. As you get the turkey ready, keep an eye on the smoker and make the necessary adjustments to hit the target temperature.

I do not recommend smoking a very large turkey. A turkey over 20 pounds will take a long time to cook. During this time bacteria might get the upper hand and spoil your bird. I would suggest that if the turkey weighs over 15 pounds, that you cook it at 250 degrees F.

The supplies you are going to need:

  • One Turkey (preferring less than about 18 pounds)
  • About one cup of a good Turkey Rub Recipe
  • Fuel for your smoker (charcoal, propane, etc.)
  • Wood for smoke (chips, chunks, etc.)
  • An aluminum drip pan
  • A reliable meat thermometer
  • Aluminum foil
  • Three toothpicks
  • Something to baste the turkey with
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