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First Look: SmokeCage




The Original Nutshell SmokeCage Corporation

Making smoke in grills, particularly the modern gas grill has always been a challenge. There have been many little smoker boxes on the market over the years and most of them fail miserably. The problem is that these boxes (and I'm including foil wrapped wood chips here too) need to be very hot to produce smoke. Easy for high temperature cooking, almost impossible for low temperature cooking. They also tend to produce smoke for a short period of time, requiring reloading which can be difficult.

The SmokeCage is a large metal tube made with a screen design with allows air to flow through the burning wood (or nut shells) to continuously produce smoke for longer periods of time. It is also available in a very large size that will hold a large amount of smoke producing materials. Once heated to a combustible temperature it will continue to burn on its own producing smoke. The smoke production can be controlled by adjusting the grill's heat.

SmokeCage is designed to work with specific fuel sources like pecan or walnut shells. These each produce good quality smoke and the best thing is that no trees were harmed in their production. Nut shells are great for smoke production because they are hard, clean, and can be densely packed into the SmokeCage.

This is certainly a great way to produce smoke and worth taking a look at. SmokeCage units come in Mini, Junior, and Classic sizes, each costing about $50USD.

 For more information go to SmokeCage.

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