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Brinkmann Smoke'N Pit Professional

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Brinkmann Smoke N' Pit Professional Smoker

Brinkmann Smoke N' Pit Professional Smoker

Brinkmann Corp.

The Bottom Line

The Brinkmann Pro or SnP as it as abbreviated on the internet is one of the consistently best smokers on the market. This horizontal, offset smoker has been used everywhere from the backyard to some of the largest competitions. It is a great, solidly constructed smoker. For a backyard smoker you have enough room on this unit to cook for a small army. The offset firebox lets you get to the fire without losing heat and the large door gives you quick access to the food. This is a classic of backyard barbecue.


  • Solid steel construction
  • Large capacity offset firebox
  • Superior ventilation gives you even, controllable heat


  • A little more challenging than some smokers to operate
  • Limited support from the manufacturer


  • Large capacity cooking area and firebox.
  • Works as easily with hardwood logs as it does with charcoal.
  • Large door with single layer design lets you get in to check on food quickly.
  • Large adjustable air vents give you control over the air entering the fire box and the smoke leaving
  • By building a fire in the cooking chamber you can turn this unit into a large grill.
  • Firebox warming tray for keeping side dishes hot.
  • Porcelain coated cooking grates.
  • Large wooden tray in front of smoker for use as a work table.

Guide Review - Brinkmann Smoke'N Pit Professional

This model has been discontinued. It is replaced (sort of) by the Brinkmann Smoke'N Pit Model# 810-3045-S.

This is one of the classic designed horizontal smokers. You have a very large cooking area that will let you smoke rack after rack of ribs, or maybe four full sized briskets. Of the backyard smokers this unit is one of the largest for the price. You can really smoke on this one.

The Smoke N' Pit has excellent temperature control from the large firebox vent to the smoke stack that lets you control how much air gets in to the fire and how much smoke gets out. And since you have a large offset firebox you can build up a fire which will burn for several hours so you don't have to be lighting additional coals every few hours.

The large cooking chamber can be used as a direct heat grill that would let you grill enough burgers for a very large party. The heavy steel construction should last you for a few decades provided you keep the unit clean and covered. This is a solidly built smoker that is a favorite of both backyard cooks and competition smokers. You will find this unit at many cook-offs.

More than just being a great smoker, this is a real smoker, like those used for decades throughout the south. No one will make fun of you for smoke on one of these and at under $400 you won't break the bank to get one. Whether you are new to barbecue, or an old hand this is really one of the few units you should be thinking about.

User Reviews

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 5 out of 5
smoking, Member Nmhowie

I have had my smoker for 5 years. I love how heavy the steel is. It really helps keep the heat steady and controls the heat. I have had no problem with temperature control since the first couple of sessions (I got it too hot at first). I purchased a magnetic temperature gauge and stuck it on the door and it works great. I have used both charcoal and hardwood logs, and they work beautifully.

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