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New Braunfels Black Diamond Smoker - Discontinued

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New Braunfels Black Diamond Smoker

New Braunfels Black Diamond Smoker

W.C. Bradley Company

The Bottom Line

The Black Diamond (or NBBD as it's known on the net) is a classic offset smoker. This is a great, heavy duty unit that has good airflow and is built to last for many years. This unit has become legend in the barbecue world as one of the best smokers on the market. If you want a great backyard smoker that isn't going to set you back a lot of cash this is the perfect unit. Makes great barbecue, holds its temperature and won't rust out or burn through.


  • Solid, heavy steel construction
  • Large capacity offset firebox


  • May need a little modification to hold temperatures for extended periods of time


  • 738 square inches of cooking space
  • Porcelain coated cooking grates
  • Warming plate
  • Large wooden tray in front of smoker for use as a work table
  • Large capacity cooking area and firebox

Guide Review - New Braunfels Black Diamond Smoker - Discontinued

This Smoker has been discontinued.

The New Braunfel's Black Diamond Smoker, abbreviated NBBD, is a legend of the barbecue world. This unit has remained relatively unchanged for years and has been one of the most popular smokers on the market for the backyard barbecuer. A few years back Char-Broil acquired New Braunfel's Smokers, but they still make the same, high quality units.

This traditional style offset smoker has a large cooking chamber and offset fire box that will give you enough room to cook for even a large party. The heavy steel construction is highly durable and I know people who've had their units of a very long time. The airflow is very good, but you might need to modify the fire box a little to keep the fire burning for long periods of time. Typically a unit like this can run as much as 10 hours without being touched, but that depends on the weather.

The solid construction, front table and warming plate give this unit all the standard features and for well under $400. There is a deluxe version of this unit available with stainless steel parts, but this unit is certainly good enough.

User Reviews

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 5 out of 5
NBBD (DC), Member DavidCofer

I have had my NB Smoker for over 9 years. It needed some (lots) of work, but since I could not find another one, I spent a week getting new stainless Steel Nuts and Screws and washers. I made a new board to hold the trays and food. 5 Coats of Varnish after staining and putting trim on the board. Used wire brushes, then sand paper then Navel Gel and then soap and water to clean. Let dry for a full day and then used the Rust O lum dull black Heat Resistant paint. Looks great. Would not have spent all this time if I could have found another one. The only thing I have not replaced is the cook top - two grates 15"" x 16"" as the cook surface is 32"" x 15"". I can not find this size cook top anywhere. Char-Briol only has the expandable ones and I would have to buy 4 of them to cover all my cooking area. They are cheaply made and would only last about 18 months and it would still be $40.00. Anyone know where I can get this size cook grates?

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