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Smoked Fish Recipes -

Hot or cold smoked Fish is perfect for the smoker. Try these smoked fish recipes next time you fire up your smoker.

Smoked Garlic Salmon
This hot smoked salmon is loaded up with 10 cloves of garlic. While that might sound like a lot, once you've tried it you'll probably want more garlic.

Maple Smoked Salmon
The maple syrup glaze in this recipe will give the smoked salmon a nice crusty surface that locks in the flavor.

Fennel Smoked Salmon
By cooking this salmon on a bed of fennel you add a great flavor to the fish. You want to use a salmon fillet without the skin, which can make it a little harder to hold together so be careful with it.

Jerked Salmon
This salmon is rubbed down with a great jerk rub then smoked until it is full of flavor. You top it off with a sweet barbecue sauce that really makes this a great smoked salmon.

Vodka Martini Smoked Salmon
This is a great salmon for any occasion. Of course, it goes really well with a nice vodka martini. You can either have this dish "as is," or mix it with your favorite condiments and cream cheese to make a smoked salmon dip.

Peppery Smoked Salmon Dip
This tasty smoked salmon dip is a great meal starter. Add more or less pepper to adjust the heat.

Smoked Steelhead Trout
Lee Custer sent me this great recipe for smoked steelhead that also works great for salmon.

Chili Pepper Smoked Trout
These smoked trout are loaded up with flavor and some heat from the chilies. They make a great meal or a great appetizer.

Smoked Tilapia
Tilapia actually makes an excellent smoked fish. Given that it is a meaty and quite versatile fish, it can be served alone of incorporated into other dishes such as, salads and dips or served with toast rounds with a good lemon-garlic aoli.

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