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Side Dishes - Information and Recipe for the Perfect Cookout Side

Information and Recipe for the Perfect Cookout Side from Potato Salad to Beans to Cole Slaw and everything else.
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Side Dishes - Finish off your barbecue with the perfect Side Dish
All barbecues, whether traditional Southern Barbecue or a simple backyard Hamburger cookout need great side dishes. Often it is in the side dish that you can get truly creative. So plan out your sides as much as you plan out the main course. Find something of your own or pick a traditional favorite like Cole Slaw, Barbecued Beans or Potato Salad.

Side Kebabs - Make kebabs of vegetables for the perfect side dish
A great way to make a quick and easy side dish for the grill is to thread kebabs with vegetables and grill them while you are cooking the main course. You get everything cooking in one place and don’t have to run back and forth. Also you can make and freeze vegetable kebabs for future meals.

Cole Slaw - The traditional salad of barbecue, or any other kind of cookout.
Cole slaw is one of the easiest dishes to make and one of the easiest dishes to make wrong. The secret to a great cole slaw is to keep it crisp and fresh for when you serve it. This is done by leaving the cabbage coarse and avoiding too much liquid.

Barbecue Beans - The perfect side dish for any barbecue is beans
Beans are the perfect side dish for any kind of barbecue because you can easily add the flavors of your smoked or grilled meats to the beans. In fact the best beans start with leftovers from your last barbecue. So get some good beans, some smoked meat and start making beans.

Potato Salad
It’s the number one side dish for any cookout, picnic or barbecue. As simple as you want, Potato Salads are the best accompaniment to your backyard grilling.

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