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Top 10 Super Bowl Recipes

Make the most of Game Day with these Recipes


These 10 recipes are the choices for the big game. Of course chicken wings and true barbecue are always a great option. While most people will be dishing up bar favorite appetizers you can go the extra yard by dishing up BBQ Ribs, Pulled Pork or Beef Brisket. Barbecue can be kept warm and makes great finger food that fills you up. I'm sure your Super Bowl guests will appreciate the effort.

1. The Stout Patty Melt

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This patty melt contains a bit of stout beer in both the ground beef patties and the sauteed onions, giving it a rich beefy flavor. I recommend using a marbled rye for this recipe.

2. Smothered Beef Hot Dogs

Smothered Beef Hot Dogs
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This is a quick and easy way to serve up a delicious hot dog. If you choose to, you can make the chile verde from scratch, or you can simply pick some up from the deli at your supermarket or even a nearby restaurant. As long as you have this key component, you won't go wrong!

3. Steak Burgers with Port Wine Reduction Spread

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This is sure to be one of the best gourmet burgers you'll ever try. Large, well seasoned patties are grilled to perfection, placed onto toasted Ciabatta bread with melted cheese and topped with a delectable port wine spread. Definitely a great burger for any occasion.

4. Apricot-Balsamic Chicken Wings

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These wings are grilled then drizzled with a delicious apricot-balsamic reduction, and topped with chopped red onions and parsley. A wonderful addition to any get together.

5. Flat Iron Sandwiches with French Onion Au Jus

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This recipe is for the serious sandwich lover. The steaks are marinated, then grilled to perfection, sliced and layered onto bread with onions from the au jus, Swiss cheese, and mustard black pepper mayonnaise. Dip this heaping sandwich into a piping hot au jus to experience perfection.

6. Very Best Buffalo Wings

Very Best Buffalo Wings
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These chicken wings take the classic appetizer to a new level with a marinade that keeps them moist and tender. These wings are also full of flavor.

7. Grilled Caprese Bread

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If you love buttery garlic bread and caprese sandwiches, then look no further. This grilled caprese bread utilizes both concepts, resulting in a delicious treat for week night meals and most gatherings.

8. Lamb Sliders with Feta-Yogurt Sauce

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If you love gyros, you will love these succulent lamb sliders. Not only are they easy to prepare, but packed full of flavor.

9. Super Smokers Sweet and Spicy Chicken Wings

These chicken wings are one of the most popular appetizers at Super Smokers BBQ. The sweetness comes from honey and the kick comes from using the hottest, spiciest barbecue sauce your taste buds can handle. You will need apple wood chips and a disposable foil pan for this recipe.

10. Baby Back Ribs (Slow Cooker)

Baby Back Ribs (Slow Cooker)
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These baby back ribs might not be bathed in smoke, but they still a lot of flavor. This slow cooked recipe will give you a great set of ribs even if can't prepare it outdoors.

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