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Top 10 Barbecue Gifts for Christmas


Finding the right gift for your outdoor cook isn't really all that hard. There are thousands of products out there that would do the trick. I have here a few suggestions that should help get you pointed in the right direction to find the perfect gift.

1. Weber Genesis E-330

Weber Genesis E-330 Gas Grill
Weber-Stephen Products Co.
Simply put the Weber Genesis line of grills are the best you can buy in this price range and beyond. The list price is $949USD but you can typically find it for around $800USD. What you get with the E-330 is a three burner grill (available in three colors), a 12,000 BTU side burner, and a 10,000 BTU internally mounted sear burner. Other models in this series come without the side burner or the sear burner. You decide which configuration works for you and buy only what you need.

2. ThemoWorks ChefAlarm

ThermoWorks ChefAlarm

ThemoWorks created the ThemoPen, an instant read thermometer that seems to have found its way into the pocket of almost every professional chef. Known for making fast reading, highly accurate thermometer and all kinds of temperature measuring devices, their new product is the ChefAlarm. This little gadget is less expensive than the ThemoPen, costing just under $60USD and does much more. Yes, it will give a fast read (about 5 seconds) of any temperature up to 572 degrees F. with a heat resistant probe that can withstand temperatures up to 700 degrees F. Add to this, a timer that counts up or down, constant minimum and maximum temperature display, and an alarm to tell you when foods have reached a desired temperature. It is even magnetic so it can be attached to any metal surface. This is a great way to monitor temperatures in the oven, on the smoker, or even on the grill.

Or try the ever popular Thermapen Instant Read Thermometer

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3. Big Green Egg (Large)

Big Green Egg - Large
Big Green Egg
Okay, this is marketed as a charcoal grill, but its ability to hold low temperatures for an incredible amount of time has made it and other Kamado cookers very popular amongst smokers. Giving you the best of both worlds, the Big Green Egg may just be the only piece of outdoor cooking equipment you'll ever need (because it will probably last longer than you will).

4. Doughy Maker

Doughy Maker
Rugged Research LLC.
A Doughy is traditionally made with those refrigerator biscuit tubes found in most grocery stores. Taken out, separated and put on sticks, they are cooked just like a marshmallow over a campfire. The finished product is then rolled in cinnamon and sugar making it the perfect camping dessert. The Doughy Maker simplifies this process by allowing you to make 10 Doughy's at a time. Load it up and hold it over a hot fire, camp stove, or grill, and they can be cooked in as little as three minutes. The best part is that these Doughy's can be made sweet or savory. Leave off the cinnamon and sugar and stuff them with pepperoni and cheese, jalapeno dip, or whatever you can think of.

Costing $25, plus shipping and handling, this is a great little gadget for any camper, tailgater, or the backyard cook. It's also a perfect way to keep the kids fed and entertained. The Doughy Maker is lightweight and comes with a cover. Really, this is a lot of fun to play with.

5. BBQ University at the Broadmoor

Big Bob Gibson's BBQ Book: Recipes and Secrets from a Legendary Barbecue Joint
Clarkson Potter
Every Spring the Broadmoor Hotel in Colorado Springs plays host to Steven Raichlen's Barbecue University. This three day class teaches everything from lighting charcoal to smoking a brisket. With two dozen grills to play with and a full kitchen to back it up, this class offers hands on experience as students are assigned recipes to prepare from scratch and present to the class. Classes start at 9:00 am each morning and the lunch served afterwards typically wraps up around 1:00 pm, leaving the rest of the day to enjoy the Broadmoor. Packages start around $2,000USD and include three nights accommodation.

6. Weber Smokey Mountain 18.5 Inch Smoker

Weber Smoky Mountain Smoker
Weber-Stephen Products Company

It would seem almost insane to change a smoker as popular at Weber's Smokey Mountain (WSM) Smoker, but Weber has listened to the fans and made only slight (requested) changes to this unit. The addition of a lid mounted thermometer and a bottom mounted heat shield doesn't affect how this unit works but gives you a better smoker. In the past you either had to drill a hole and put in your own thermometer or set one inside and lift the lid to check the temperature. Now you can see the cooking temperature easily. The heat shield will protect whatever surface you put your smoker on. All together, a better WSM.

If you know someone whose ready for some real barbecue then you need to consider shopping for Smokers.

7. FireWire

Inno_labs, LP

Maybe you've had this problem, you have long, straight skewers and a round grill. What if your basic metal skewer learned to relax a little and could take any shape you needed. Well, FireWire does just that. This is a stainless steel cable, looped at one end with a stainless steel threading needle on the other. You can load it up with whatever you want in a kebab and then lay it out on the grill however you want. This makes it very easy to grill long kebabs on a round grill.

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8. Solaire Anywhere Portable Infrared Grill

Solaire Anywhere Portable Infrared Gas Grill
Rasmussen Iron Works, Inc.

Imagine the power of an infrared grill in a portable. This 14,000 BTU infrared grill packs more heat than any other portable grill and at 20 pounds you can take it almost anywhere. All stainless steel construction you can even get this grill in marine quality steel with a railing mount for boating. 155 square inches of grilling area. Uses either disposable propane bottles or can be converted to a full 20 pound tank or even natural gas.

9. Weber Charcoal Chimney Starter

Weber Charcoal Chimney
Weber-Stephen Products Company

If you light charcoal, whether for smoking or grilling, get the most useful charcoal tool there is, a Charcoal Chimney. This handy little gadget lights charcoal quickly and easily without lighter fluid and lets you get more charcoal going anytime you need it.

10. The Thrill of the Grill: Techniques, Recipes, & Down-Home Barbecue

Thrill of the Grill

Chris Schlesinger and John Willoughby are masters of grilling, barbecue and meat. This book is their first pairing and is the book that taught the world that backyard grill was more than burgers and steaks. This is probably the one book you have to have whether you are a serious master of the grill or just starting out. This book almost single-handedly changed the landscape of the cookout.

There are many great grilling books out there to choose from.

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