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Halloween Cookout

Scare up some great Halloween treats on the Grill


You might think of Halloween as little more than an excuse for the kids to fill themselves up on candy, but it's a good idea to get some real food in them before the bags of candy start being replaced with bags of empty wrappers. Believe it or not the grill is a great way to put together something hot and satisfying, quick and easily. So consider a fun family meal of grilled foods before or after the kids hit the streets.

Of course hamburgers are a favorite of the grill and children, but think outside the bun and try making up some great Halloween pizzas. If you use cheddar cheese instead of mozzarella you get a pumpkin face for the kinds to decorate with black olives, pepperoni, red, orange and green bell peppers or whatever else you like on a pizza. They’ll have a blast topping their own pizzas and since they cook up in a few minutes, they won't drive you crazy waiting to eat.

Anything finger food is particularly good for Halloween since the kids will be coming and going during the night. It's also perfect for the parents out escorting the young ones. Whether you're having a big Halloween party or not, little grilled treats like buffalo wings or yakitori are perfect little treats to carry around the whole evening.

To top off your Halloween gathering you must have a Halloween Cocktail, Chocolate Spiders and Chocolate Covered Mice. So flame on the grill and have a safe and scary Halloween.

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