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Super Bowl Cookout

Make Game Day, Grill Day


Super Bowl Sunday may be the biggest game day of the year, but now it is also the seventh largest grilling day of the year and the biggest outdoor cooking day of the winter months. Following the trend that outdoor cooking isn't just a summer activity, millions of people will be firing up their grills and smokers for this year's match up to change the face of football food forever. Grilling provides a fast and easy way to cook up delicious food without making a big mess in the kitchen.

The best part of grilling up your Super Bowl food is that you can do most of the work ahead of time. Many grilled foods benefit from being marinated, so you can load up the refrigerator with an armies worth of food and throw it on the grill for a quick cook on game day. Plan ahead and you'll be watching the game instead of cooking. And if you watch what you're buying and how you prepare it, you'll end up with leaner and healthier Super Bowl fare.

If having a big crowd over to watch the game, it is always best to go with foods that can be customized by the person doing the eating. This way everyone is happy. Things like personal pizzas, fajitas, hot dogs, and hamburgers are perfect. Of course you'll want loads of grilled hot wings and potato chips. Make sure you have plenty of toppings, dips and dressings to offer variety for your guests. This will keep everyone well feed and happy throughout the whole game.

The secret to successfully pulling off this big day is to prepare as much as you can in advance. This is where resealable plastic bags really come in handy. Chop vegetables, make up hamburger patties, marinade chicken wings and slice meat the night before. Seal it all up tight and put it in the refrigerator. When grilling time comes all you have to do is light the grill and start cooking. Nothing here will take more than about 10 minutes to cook and you can stay with the game all day.

Of course, real barbecue gives you the real advantage here. If you own a smoker, you can have brisket, pulled pork, or ribs smoked and ready well before the game starts. Wrap it up tightly and keep it warm in your oven, slow cooker or an insulated cooler for serving anytime.

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