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Sauces & Marinades

Barbecue Sauce, Marinades, Brines, Mops, Sops and Bastes Recipes and Information. No matter what your fixing a barbecue sauce, marinade, brine or baste will make it not only better tasting, but better for you.
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A good marinade makes foods tastier, juicier, healthier and more tender. Learn how and then get all the marinade recipes you'll ever need.

Mop - The baste of Barbecue
Mops add flavor and moisture to foods while they are cooking, either grilling or smoking. While it might sound funny to mop you food this is technique of barbecue that can make all the difference between dried out meat and a moist, flavorful meal.

Marinade - Definition - The most imporant thing you can do to food
Marinade is a liquid solution that you soak raw foods in before cooking to provide flavor, tenderness and to protect the food from intense heat. Marinades should be slightly acidic and full of flavor

Mop - Definition - Also know as a sop or baste
Mop - A mop is a thin liquid mixture used to baste meats during cooking. A mop adds moisture and flavor during the cooking process and is most often used in barbecue and grilling to reduce moisture lose from direct heat.

Tandoori Marinade
This delicious tandoori marinade is the perfect compliment to grilled meats and seafood. Cook the spices for added flavor or simply mix and use.

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