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Rub Recipes - Recipes for all kinds of rubs for all kinds of meats.

A rub is a combination of spices, seasonings and herbs that add flavor and texture to meats. These spice rub recipes will give you a rub for anything you want to barbecue or grill.

Top 10 Rub Recipes
These are consistently the most popular BBQ rub recipes on my site. These recipes cover pretty much everything and are good enough for you to make up in large batches to keep in the cupboard. So take a look through these great rub recipes and pick a few that sound good to you to try. I promise you, that you won't be disappointed.

A Carolina BBQ Rub
Chuck Ozburn sent me this great, classic Carolina barbecue rub. This is a great rub for Carolina Pulled Pork.

Aztec Rub
This wet rub is heavy on the cumin and contains liquid smoke to enhance the smoky flavor of your barbecue. The olive oil will form this into a thick paste and sticks well to any meat.

Barbecue Brisket Rub
Here is another rub to try. The cumin and cayenne pepper add a nice flavor to the brisket.

Basic Pork Rub
This is a great classic pork rub that is perfect for smoked pork roasts. A particular favorite for pulled pork.

Beef Rib Rub
This rub is a good combination of sweet and heat. You can adjust the heat by using mild or medium chili powder. Or if you really want to go for hot add an extra tablespoon of cayenne.

Best Odds Brisket Rub
This is a very traditional style brisket rub, the kind used down in Texas for many years. This rub contains what you need to make a great smoked barbecue brisket.

Best Odds Pulled Pork Rub
This traditional pulled pork rub will give you the best odds for making a great batch of Carolina Style Pulled Pork.

Best Odds Rib Rub
This rub is your best odds to smoking great ribs. This savory rub will add a lot of flavor without detracting from the flavor of the meat.

Brisket Brown Sugar Rub
This is a good, sweet brisket rub that you will need only one measuring cup for. Of course you can adjust the heat by adding more or less of the chili powder or by using hot or mild.

Cajun Turkey Seasoning
This is a great basic Turkey rub with enough heat to make it interesting. You can use this rub on any bird, no matter how you plan to cook it.

Chef Paul's Chikky Rub
This is a great all purpose rub with loads of flavor.

Chili Paste
This wet rub has a great citrus flavor from the juice and zest combined with a great selection of spices. Letting it sit helps the flavors blend and give the paste time to thicken.

Chili Pepper Rub for Brisket
This is a good, simple rub for any kind of beef, particularly brisket. You can adjust the heat by using either hot or mild chili powder.

Chili Wet Rub
This spicy rub can be toned down by using mild chili powder it you so wish. Or it can be heated up with an extra teaspoon or two of cayenne.

Chipotle Dry Rub
This rub has the great flavor of chipotle peppers. These smoked jalapenos really add a lot of flavor. Make sure you get this rub ground very fine.

Ciaotebaldi's Rub
This rub has a great combination of flavors that really adds great flavor to most anything. If you brush vegetables with olive oil and then sprinkle on this rub you'll get a great flavor off the grill.

Citrus-Rosemary Turkey Rub
This rub has more of a paste consistency. Be sure to mix the ingredients well and to get the rub under the skin as well as placing it on the surface of the turkey.

Country Rub
This wet rub should be a thick paste that you can put on any kind of meat. It is particularly good on poultry.

Couzan Billy's Cajun Dust
The BBQ Guru posted this great cajun rub that works on any fish, meat or poultry. If you have a recipe that calls for Cajun Seasonings, use this recipe.

Creole Rub
This rub will add a real Creole flavor to anything you want to grill or smoke.

Creole Turkey Rub
While 25 whole bay leaves might seem like a lot, this rub is just right for turkey, especially if you plan on deep frying your bird.

Custer's Old Fashioned Turkey Rub
This rub combines everthing you want to rub a turkey with. Remember when rubbing poultry you want to get it under the skin. Skin blocks flavor and while you might get some tasty skin it won't help the meat any.

Deep Fried Turkey Rub
Okay, this recipe calls for a lot of bay leaves. It's actually about 1/3 cup, so if you have crushed bay leaves already you can use that. The real secret of a fried turkey rub is to get it on the surface of the turkey really well before it hits the oil.

Derrick's Hot Rib Rub
This is a very basic rub, but it's hot. To tone it down a little try using medium or mild chili powder.

Devil's Rub
This wet rub should look like a thick paste. You can adjust the heat by changing the amount of red pepper flakes or hot pepper sauce.

Dry Jerk Rub
If you enjoy Caribbean flavors then this is the perfect "Jerk" rub for you. The great mixture of spices adds something to most any meat, particularly chicken and pork.

Ethiopian Spice Rub
Okay, this isn't a simple rub. There are a lot of flavors in this mixture and you might not have everything on hand, but this is a great spice rub for anything. I really encourage you to try it, then you can go out and make it up in big batches since it will last for a year or more.

Garlic Rub
The best way to make this recipe even better is to let it sit for a few days. Let the flavors mix and you really will get a great garlicky rub.

Garlic/Parsley Paste
This wet rub puts down a great garlic flavor that works well with any meat, poultry or fish.

Greek Seasoning Rub
This is a quick and easy way to add a great Greek flavor to most anything you want to cook. This is one rub you'll want to keep close at hand to rub in or sprinkle on most anything.

Heavy on the Garlic Pork Rub
This rub is mostly garlic so if you like garlic this is a great rub. Work it well into the meat and try to mince the garlic as fine as possible. This is also a great base rub, add more ingredients to make it even more flavorful.

Herb Turkey Rub
This is a great rub for turkey no matter how you plan to cook it. It really is best that you use fresh rosemary because you want the oils from the rosemary to season the turkey.

Hog Rub
A good general rub for any kind of pork, but specifically for smoked pork, like a whole hog or Carolina Style Pulled Pork.

Horseradish Rub
This is a great rub to really add some heat to your grilling or smoking. Don't worry too much about the horseradish, the heat is taken out by the cooking process.

Italian Parmesan Paste
Basically this is a cheese rub that has herbs and spices for flavor and olive oil and wine vinegar to turn it into a thick paste. Use this rub on any meat you want to add a great Italian flavor to.

Jerk Rub
This is a great jerk, wet rub. The combination of the onion and scallions with the peppers and spices give this rub a lot of flavor. You can adjust the heat by increasing or reducing the amount of peppers.

Jerk Turkey Rub
This mild jerk seasoning adds a great flavor to turkey whether you are going to grill, smoke of fry it. Remember when applying a rub to poultry you have to get it under the skin. The skin blocks flavor and won't let the rub penetrate.

Kansas City Rib Rub
In Kansas City they know ribs. This is the rub recipe for traditional Kansas City style ribs. Finish them off with a good barbecue sauce and you'll have great ribs.

Kevi's Buckin' Beef Rub
Another recipe sent in by BBQ Guru. This one is a basic beef rub that works great on brisket or on beef ribs.

Kevi's BBQ Rub
The BBQ Guru posted this great rub recipe. You can adjust the heat in this dry rub by changing the amount of cayenne pepper.

Lotsa Spice Rub
This rub is loaded with flavor. The combination of hot chili flavors with rich flavors of the allspice and cinnamon make this very similar to a Jerk Rub.

Magic Dust
There's a big shaker of Magic Dust next to the salt and pepper in my own kitchen and at all my restaurants. I wish I could figure out a way to attach the bottle to the restaurant tables because, at my restaurants, it's the most frequently stolen item! To make it a little more hot and spicy, increase the mustard powder and black pepper to 1/4...

Memphis Style Rib Rub
In Memphis, ribs are traditionally served up dry. This doesn't mean that the meat is tough and dried out, it just means that there isn't a barbecue sauce. And that means that the rub needs to do all the work. This traditional Memphis rub is the base of a great rack of ribs.

Middle Eastern Lamb Rub
This rub is perfect for any kind of lamb.

Moroccan Spice Rub
This wet rub is a great seasoning for anything you want to grill or smoke. The combination of flavors here is classic.

Mustard Rub
A classic wet mustard rub that really sticks to meats. You can change the kind of mustard you use in this recipe to change the flavor of the rub.

Owensboro Mutton Barbecue Rub
This is the rub you want to use on barbecue lamb, Kentucky style. You add the worcestershire sauce directly to the meat to hold the rub in place.

Panhandle Rub
This rub has some great southwestern flavors. If you use cumin seeds, try toasting them quickly in a hot skillet for a minute to get the flavors out before you crush them.

Papaya Rub
This wet rub not only has the ability to add flavor to meats but the power to tenderize because of the natural abilities of papaya.

Passover Barbecue Coat
This wet rub is loaded up with fresh horseradish to really put some flavor and heat into meat. This rub is great on everything, especially beef.

Pastrami Rub
If you are interested in turning corned beef into pastrami, well this is the rub for you. Make sure it is worked in good and thick before you head for the smoker.

Porker's Rib Seasoning
This rub is perfect for all kinds of pork whether it's ribs of Carolina style pulled pork.

Poultry Rub
This is a great all purpose poultry rub. Equally good on grilled chicken wings or on deep fried turkey. Use Hungarian Paprika if you can find it because it has a much better flavor.

Prime Rib Herb Paste
This is a great rub to put on prime rib. The combination of flavors with the olive oil make a good slow roasted rib roast perfect. Whether you are roasting, grilling or smoking this is a great rub.

Prime Rib Rub
This is a great spice rub for standing rib roast no matter how you prepare it. The combination of the pepper with the cinnamon give is an almost sweet, hot flavor. Really great flavors.

Rustic Rub
This is a great general rub that works well with most everything. It also makes enough for you to keep it on hand.

Scott's "Normal" Rub
Scott calls this his "normal" rub. It is a heaping amount of rub with a really good combination of flavors.

Southwestern Wet Rub for Brisket
This rub should appear as a thick paste which makes it great for sticking to meat. Remember to work it into the meat as best you can and get it to the meat, not the fat.

Sparerib Rub
This is a great, sweet rub that works really well on all kinds of pork ribs. Adjust the heat by changing the amount of cayenne.

Spicy Dry Rub
This is actually a great mustard rub that gives great flavor to almost anything but is particularly good on lamb and pork.

Spicy Rib Rub for Pork Roast
Claudia sent me this recipe for a rib rub for roasted pork.

Spicy Southwestern Rub
This wet rub packs a lot of flavor. You can adjust the heat by using either hot or mild chili powder.

Tandoori Rub for Fish or Chicken
This rub will give you fish or poultry an authentic Indian flavor that is as colorful as it is tasty.

Texas-Style Brisket Rub
This rub has a nice southwestern flavor to spice up any brisket.

Troll Dust
This dry rub is loaded up with lots of ground chilies giving it both heat and a very unique flavor. This rub is perfect for anything you really want to heat up.

Tropical Poultry Rub
This poultry rub adds orange flavor with nutmeg and cloves to give you a great bird. If you are making a turkey you will want to double this recipe.

Walter Jetton's Dry Poultry Seasoning
Walter Jetton was one of the pioneers of barbecue back in Texas in the 50's and 60's. He became famous as the pitmaster of President Johnson and so he wrote a cookbook. This is his poultry dry rub recipe. You can leave out the MSG.

Walter Jetton's Dry Rib Rub
Walter Jetton was pitmaster to President Johnson back in the 60's. He prepared his barbecue for leaders from around the world. This is his rib rub. As something of a sign of the times, this recipe calls for MSG.

Watch your eyes Rub
This rub has plenty of heat so watch out how much you use. You can adjust it by the heat of the chili powder you use: mild, medium, hot.

Yum-Yum Steak Seasoning
Not only does this beef rub have a lot of flavor but it has a great color to it as well.

Memphis Rub
In Memphis the Rub is the most important ingredient aside from the meat. Often ribs are served with only a rub and without sauce. This means that this barbecue rub has to provide all the flavor to make Memphis Style Barbecue. This rub starts with a generous portion of paprika and then builds a slightly spicy but definitely savory profile to help...

Go to Steak Rub
This is my absolute favorite go to steak rub. This recipe calls for Herbs de Provence. If you don't have any on hand, simply use dried thyme, marjoram, rosemary, oregano, or sage, either alone or in some combination to your liking. This recipe makes enough rub for 4 steaks.

Tomahawk Steak Rub
This Tomahawk Steak Rub has a hint of earthy Indian spices. This well rounded rub will provide a nice crust, while bringing out the natural flavors of the meat.

Chipotle Pepper Beef Rub
This is a great way to get some extra smokey flavor into any beef you grill or smoke. The secret to the Chipotle peppers is to warm them up in the microwave before grinding. If you are really adventurous, leave in the seeds, otherwise take them out to keep this rub from becoming really, really hot.

Spicy Tomahawk Steak Rub
A delicious, spicy rub for tomahawk steaks. Feel free to adjust the spiciness to your liking.

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