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BBQ Beef Ribs - Preparing the Smoker


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BBQ Beef Ribs - Beef Rib Rub
Beef Rib Rub

Beef Rib Rub

Regarding BBQ Inc.
The best and easiest way to add flavor to beef ribs is by applying a BBQ Rub. This mixture of spices will sit on the ribs the whole time, sinking in and making the meat flavorful. The rub you choose is entirely up to you. I have a number of fantastic rub recipes for you to choose from. You can pick a sweet, spicy, or savory rub. I suggest avoiding anything with too much sugar. At 265 degrees F., sugar burns and if your smoker hits this temperature for just a few minutes, the burnt sugar can ruin the flavor of the ribs.

With the beef ribs trimmed up and the membrane removed, you are ready to apply the rub. I put mine in a shaker and shake it out on to the meat. You don't really need to "rub" it into the meat, but you want a good coating over every square inch of the ribs. The amount of rub that will stick to the ribs is exactly how much you want.

Handle the ribs gently from this point forward so that you don't loose any of the rub. The more you handle the ribs, the more rub will fall off.

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