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BBQ Beef Ribs - Preparing the Smoker


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BBQ Beef Ribs - Removing the Membrane
Beef Ribs Membrane

Beef Ribs Membrane

Regarding BBQ Inc.
The membrane is a thin skin-like layer on the bone side of the ribs. The membrane keeps out the flavor of the BBQ rub and the smoke, turning the ribs into a hard material that even the sharpest teeth won't be able to penetrate. Removing the membrane can be a bit of a challenge but it really improves the quality of your beef ribs.

It is easiest to remove the membrane if you can keep it intact. This means no sharp knives. However a blunt knife, like many kitchen knives or a butter knife (some people use a screwdriver). Slide the knife between the membrane and the bone gently. Work it around to loosen the membrane as much as possible. Once some of it has loosened, grab the membrane with a paper towel and start working it away from the meat and bones. Some racks will give up the membrane easily and others are difficult. You just have to work with it.

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