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Rib Recipes - Smoking and Grilling Rib Recipes

Smoking and Grilling Recipes for all kinds of ribs both pork and beef. Regardless of the equipment you have or the amount of time, you'll find lots of great recipes here.
  1. Rib Marinade Recipes (4)
  2. Rib Rub Recipes (11)
  3. Rib Sauce Recipes (11)

Top 10 Rib Recipes
Ribs are one of the most popular foods for the grill or smoker. Problem is that ribs need special care to get them right. These Rib Recipes help you learn how to keep it low and slow to make great ribs whether you are cooking Beef Ribs or Pork Ribs . Once you have the basics of grilling or smoking ribs you can pick our your own rib rubs,...

Spicy Spare Ribs
"Ray's Spicy Spare Ribs will satisfy any famished fan with bold flavors! It combines pork ribs, a traditional tailgate food, with powerhouse ingredients like hot sauce, barbecue sauce and apple juice for a spicy, succulent dish that will give your taste buds a thrill!"

BBQ Beef Ribs
This is an easy way to prepare delicious, sticky beef ribs on your grill. Remember that the secret to indirect grilling is to make sure that the food doesn't get any direct heat at all. You will need to rotate the ribs occasionally to evenly cook them.

Kansas City Ribs
If you're in the good a sweet, sticky, delicious pork rib recipe, then Kansas City Ribs are what you're looking for!

Carolina Ribs with Red Pepper Sauce
These pork spareribs are coated with a Carolina style rub and basted with a tangy red pepper sauce so they are full of flavor and spice.

Memphis Style Ribs
If you're looking for that authentic Memphis style flavor, look no further. This recipe combines a fantastic rub with a delicious sauce, to produce the tastiest set of ribs you've ever had.

Barbecued Chipotle Beef Ribs
This is a delicious way to prepare beef ribs. The sauce is slightly spicy yet tangy and sweet at the same time. Enjoy with your favorite grilled vegetables.

Barbecued Beef Short Ribs
A simple barbecued beef rib recipe which suggests that you simmer in a Dutch oven, then transfer meat to the grill to shorten the cooking time.

Oh Yeah Sticky Beef Ribs
This sticky rib recipe is so delicious it'll make you say "oh yeah," through the whole meal! The sauce is sweet, spicy, and slightly tart from the apple cider vinegar. Try this recipe at your next cookout and watch how your guests come back for more.

Tomato-Jalapeno Beef Ribs
A tender, medium spicy, delicious beef rib dish.

BBQ Beef Ribs
This is an easy way to make great, sticky beef ribs on your grill. Remember that the secret to indirect grilling is to make sure that the food doesn't get any direct heat at all. You may need to rotate the ribs occasionally to get even cooking.

Aloha Spareribs
If you really want to give these ribs some Hawaiian flavor add some pineapple juice to the basting sauce.

Orange Pork Ribs
These pork ribs are grilled over an indirect heat and coated in a thick, sweet sauce. This is a great way to get some great ribs quick and easy.

Polynesian Slow Cooker Spareribs
It might not be real barbecue but these are some great ribs with a rich, sweet flavor. Remember to drain the ribs before you add everything else or you will get greasy ribs.

North Carolina Riblets
These rib tips have all that great Carolina barbecue flavor and you don't have to run the smoker all day to get it.

Chinese Shortribs
This recipe makes a great appetizer or meal.

Chinese Barbecue Ribs (Slow Cooker)
While it might not be barbecue these ribs get cooked up with a great, sweet flavor that will make most anyone love them.

Cajun Riblets
These quick and easy rib tips are loaded with flavor and make a great appetizer or meal.

New England Pork Rib Tips
These Rib strips are coated with maple syrup. Try to use the real stuff and not imitation. Grill them hot and fast, but keep and eye on them to prevent burning.

Spicy Sweet Ribs
These ribs are a shortcut for those of you who don't have a smoker or the time to get smoked ribs done. The blanching in boiling water reduces the grilling time and the baste provides added flavor lost during boiling. With this recipe you can have good ribs in about an hour.

Jack Daniel's Riblets
These little ribs make a great appetizer or meal. If you have trouble finding them ask your butcher. If he doesn't know what you are talking about, find a new butcher.

Cajun Style Ribs
Craig Imboden sent me this recipe for some spicy ribs. You can choose to really heat it up by adding extra hot sauce.

Peachy Mustard Baby Back Ribs
These ribs are marinated and grilled hot. While they don't have the tenderness of smoked ribs you will really like the crispy surface and loads of flavor.

Barbecue Spareribs
This is a good, basic method for making barbecue ribs. If you are just starting out, or looking something simple this is the one for you.

Honey Barbecue Riblets (Applebee's)
This is the recipe for Applebee's riblets. It requires grilling (or broiling) the ribs, then steaming them to get them tender. It takes several hours to make them but since they slow steam in the oven for several hours it makes a great party dish.

Cajun Grill Ribs
These ribs are grilled slow enough to keep them from getting tough but hot enough to give them a good crust over the surface. You can use this recipe for smoked pork ribs if you want.

Hot & Spicy Ribs
These grilled ribs get basted in a thick, rich barbecue sauce. Remember to grill indirectly to prevent them from getting tough and to wait until the end to baste them. If you want to add some real heat add 2 tablespoons of cayenne to the sauce.

Barbecue Beef Ribs (Slow Cooker)
This is an easy way to get a plate full of barbecue ribs. While they may not have the authentic flavor, they taste great.

Smoked Beef Ribs
This is the most basic method for producing smoked beef ribs. These hearty bones need time to lose their fat but keep the temperature low to make them tender.

Korean Short Ribs
In Korea, beef ribs are a mainstay. These tender beef ribs are marinated and then grilled fast to hold in all the flavor. The secret is to butterfly the short ribs to they can be folded out on the grill.

Chipotle Country Ribs - Grilled Pork Rib Recipe from Barbecue & Grilling
Chipotle Country Ribs - Grilled Pork Rib Recipe from Barbecue & Grilling - The Chipotle marinade gives these ribs an extra smoky flavor in addition to the spicy heat. But don't worry they aren't too spicy.

Dino Bones with Chipotle Red Wine Barbecue Sauce
These succulent beef ribs are so large, hence the name dino bones, they will not only fill your stomach amply, but your guests will be clamoring for the recipe. Give these giant, delicious ribs a try at your next cookout and brace yourself for rave reviews.

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