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BBQ Ribs - Step by Step


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BBQ Ribs - Cutting Ribs and Serving
Cutting Spareribs

Cutting Spareribs

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Like any meat you cook it is important to let it rest before you carve and serve. This evens out the heat and lets the natural juices flow back towards the surface of the meat. For a rack of ribs you should let the meat rest for about 10 minutes. Once this period is over it is time to cut the ribs and serve. Try not to let your ribs sit around too long or the meat will dry out.

To cut the ribs take a good sharp meat knife in one hand and the rack of ribs in the other. It is easiest to carve ribs by setting them standing up on the meaty side. (bones should be sticking out a little on the top side). Now you can simply side the knife down through the rack between the bones. If you guide it down directly between the bones you should be able to pass the knife through easily.

If your ribs are "fall off the bone" tender then you want to lay the ribs down, bone side up, and cut them the best you can. If the ribs are very tender the meat will tear apart more easily than it will cut. Be careful or you will lose the shape of the ribs and simply end up with a pile of rib meat.

The last part is to take note of your ribs. Too tender? Not tender enough? Too sweet? Too spicy? If you record your process, the next time you smoke a rack of ribs you will be able to make the necessarily adjustments to the process.

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