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Regional and Ethnic Cooking - Great Dishes, Great Traditions

Great Dishes, Great Traditions from around the world that can expand your Barbecue and Grilling to an art form. Learn from masters of the flame in every culture and region on earth from Jerk to tandoori.

Santa Maria Barbecue
In the mid-19th century ranchers throughout the Santa Maria Valley gathered together to help each other brand their calves. The host of this event would put together a Spanish style feast. This meal typically included grilled beef roasts, beans, bread, salsa and salads. Over the years this tradition has grown and evolved to what it is today.

German Barbecue
Early German immigrants to Texas brought their skills as sausage makers and butchers. Put this together with massive cattle ranches and a virtually unlimited supply of meat and you have all the ingredients for a new form of barbecue. This combination made Texas Barbecue.

Irish Barbecue and Grilling - Because everything Irish isn’t boiled
You might not think of Ireland as one of the capitals of barbecue. Think again. Ireland hosts the European version of the World Barbecue Championship and you’ll find real barbecue sauce served up here with loads of dishes.

Texas Barbecue - Find out how to throw your own Texas Barbecue
The history of barbecue in Texas is long and rich. Today the typical Texas Barbecue consists of Brisket, of course, but also ribs, sausages, pinto beans and potato salad. So if you want to throw a great Texas Barbecue get ready to fire up the smoker and the grill to make the kind of meal everyone will remember.

Jerk - Hot and spicy and ready for your grill
The origins of Jerk go back to the early days of barbecue. This seasoning and cooking method invented in the Caribbean is closely tied to the original barbecue prepared by the natives of the islands long before Columbus. So mix together some really great peppers with a load of spices and get ready to Jerk.

Indian Grilling - Discover the diversity of Indian Cooking
Indian food benefits from access to most every spice and herb known to mankind. Top that with some great, hot chilies and a wide variety of fruits and vegetables and you have some really fantastic food. Also, Indian food is often cooked over a live fire.

Italian Grilling - Capture the real Italian flavor on your grill
Like all cooking traditions around the world, Italian food got its start on an open flame. For too long now we have come to think of a lot of food traditions as being something best prepared in a non-stick pan on the stove. Well that isn't the way to do it. Italian food, like all cooking traditions tastes better when it's cooked over a fire.

Tandoori - Traditional Indian open fire cooking
Tandoori is a style of food named for the Tandoor that it is cooked in. The combination of meats and spices cooked over an intense fire is hard to beat. While you might not be able to get the same temperatures you can certainly make great, authentic Indian dishes on your grill.

The Japanese Steak - Marinated then grilled hot and fast
The real secret to a great Japanese style steak isn’t just the marinade, but the way it is presented. Slice the grilled steak into thin strips after you have let it rest and before you serve it. Remember in Japan the person doing the eating shouldn’t need a knife.

Korean Ribs - Beef Short ribs, Marinated and Grilled Hot and Fast
Korean style beef ribs are butterflies to maximize the surface, marinated to give them lots of flavor and keep the tender and then grilled hot and fast to make them perfect. The real secret is in the cutting to that you get a thin layer of meat that cooks through before the meat gets tough.

Hawaiian Grilling - From Local Food to Luau, Barbecue & Grilling in Hawaii ...
Hawaii is a combination of so many different cooking influences it is hard to break them apart. This the mixture of native methods and foods with American and Asian influences, Hawaiian cooking is among the most unique in the world. However, the basic principles of fire and smoke are heavily used by the Hawaiians and the people that have emigrated there.

Bulgogi - Traditional Korean Sesame Steak
Next to Kim chi, this is the national dish of Korean, and it tastes a lot better. These thin strips of tender and flavorful beef can be served up almost any way.

The Mexican Grill
Mexico has produced some of the best grilled foods for a thousand years. Learn the secrets the Mexicans use to flavor their cookouts so uniquely and wonderfully.

Brazilian Barbecue
Imagine a group of cowboys out on the train developing their own way of cooking. Cooking that involved fire, smoke, large cuts of meat and some simple seasonings. Now imagine you are in Brazil. Brazilian Barbecue is an old tradition for making some really great food.

Caribbean Chicken
Spice up your grilled chicken with recipes, ingredients and ideas from the tropics. Add the flavors from around the islands and definately try the Jerk.

Chinese Chicken
Grill your chicken the Chinese way.

The Italian Steak
The secret of Bistecca and other grilled steaks from Italy.

The Japanese Grill
From Hibachis to Yakitori, Grilling is a great way to make authentic Japanese Food. Many popular dishes in Japan are prepared over a hot, open fire. While many restaurants outside Japan don’t seem to know what a real grill is, you can be more authentic.

Moroccan Grilling
Truly among the greatest cooking traditions in the world, Moroccan food combines the very best of African, Middle Eastern and European Cooking. Pick up some fresh lemons, spices and get ready for some fantastic food.

Southwestern Grilling
Southwestern cooking combines the best of Mexican, American and Native American into one fusion that will satisfy anyone who loves flavor. Learn how to add the hot, the sweet and the savory in a way that is both distinctive and sure to please.

Memphis Barbecue
If you had to sum up Memphis Style Barbecue in a single dish it would be dry rub ribs. These delicious spareribs are slow smoked over a low hickory fire and coated in a paprika based spice rub to be served without sauce or with sauce on the side. Of course no barbecue tradition is this simple and there are no rules so what you get in Memphis, is a collection of great barbecue, mostly pork, freque…

Kansas City Barbecue
Kansas City Barbecue - The Central Hub of Barbecue

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