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Top 10 Pulled Pork Recipes

The best and most popular Pulled Pork Recipes at Barbecue & Grilling


Pulled Pork is probably the purist form of barbecue. This Southern Barbecue tradition originated with whole hogs cooked in pits, sometimes for days, shredded by hand and served up on plain white bread. Variations abound from here with all manner of sauces, rubs and cole slaws (typically served on top of the meat in a sandwich). Today most pulled pork is prepared with pork shoulder roasts known as a picnic or a Boston Butt. However you like it, these pulled pork recipes make a great meal.

1. Memphis-Style Pulled Pork

James Baigrie/Stockbyte/Getty Images

Memphis style barbecue combines sweet, heat and savory to make great barbecue. This recipe adapts those flavors to this great Southern Barbecue Pork.

2. Texas Style Pulled Pork

A nice southwestern style barbecue pulled pork recipe which can be eaten with out without the bun. This dish would be great accompanied by grilled vegetable kebabs or grilled corn.

3. Pulled Pork Barbecue

Pulled Pork Barbecue
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This is a traditional Carolina style recipe for pulled pork including the rub and a mop (baste) that gives you a great tasting plate of barbecue. Though this really doesn't need a barbecue sauce, you can reserve some of the mop to add to the meat when you pull it.

4. Piedmont Pulled Pork

Pork Butt on Smoker with Rub
Derrick Riches

This is the classic pulled pork of North Carolina. The thin vinegar sauce has a little heat in it to give the pulled pork a bite without the sweet or barbecues of the west. If you want to really heat this one up throw in a tablespoon of cayenne.

5. Best Odds Pulled Pork

Best Odds Pulled Pork
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This basic process for pulled pork is designed to give you the best possible barbecue pork possible. Once you get the basics down you can start experimenting with any your own ideas.

6. Pulled Pork with Spicy Chile Sauce

Pulled Pork with Spicy Chile Sauce
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This is a delicious pulled pork recipe. You can add more or less cayenne to the sauce to adjust the heat to your liking.

7. Pulled Pork with Wet Mustard Rub

Pulled Pork with Wet Mustard Rub
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To prepare the wet mustard rub, you will need to use a mortar and pestle or spice grinder to mince the citrus peels and rosemary leaves.

8. Spicy Pulled Pork

Spicy Pulled Pork
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You can adjust the amount of red pepper used in this recipe to increase or reduce it spiciness.

9. Carolina Pulled Pork (Slow Cooker)

Carolina Pulled Pork (Slow Cooker)
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This is your shortcut solution to Carolina Pulled Pork Barbecue. While it lacks the authentic flavor of slow smoked barbecue, if its all you have to work with, then go for it.

10. Southwestern-Style Pulled Pork

This is mildly spicy Southwestern pulled pork is infused with the wonderful flavors of cumin, chili powder, and allspice.

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