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Pulled Pork Step by Step


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Pulled Pork - Smoking
Pulled Pork on the Smoker

Pulled Pork on the Smoker

Regarding BBQ Inc.
Barbecue is all about the smoke. While you could cook your pork roast in oven low and slow, without the smoke it will not have the right flavor and texture of real barbecue.

Maintain a good smoking temperature around 225 degrees F. with a good, smoky fire. Refer to your smokers operating manual for information about your specific smoker. It will take about 1 to 1 1/4 hours per pound of meat to smoke a pork roast. Make sure you have plenty of time because under cooking will result in tough meat that just isn't barbecue.

During the smoking you may choose to apply a mop. A mop will help add moisture to the surface of the meat while it cooks and help add additional flavor.

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