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Recipes and Information on Grilling and Smoking Poultry from Chicken Breast to Whole Turkey. If you want to grill the perfect chicken, deep fry a whole turkey or smoke a duck, these recipes and cooking instructions will put you on the path.
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Brining Poultry
Brining poultry, whether large pieces or small, will add moisture and make the meat more tender. Add some flavor to the brine and you add flavor to the poultry. This is the biggest secret whether you are cooking a whole bird or just a pile of wings.

Pheasant - A great game for a great meal
Pheasant is really good and often forgotten. Like most game, pheasant can dry out easily, but has a great flavor that is well worth the effort. Grilling is a great way to cook pheasant because the intense heat can cook it quickly roasting it to perfection.

Goose - Grilled or smoked to perfection
Slow smoked or grilled to perfection. Learn how to cook your holiday goose the right way. The tradition of slow roasting goose over an open flame is older than Christmas.

Duck - It just isnt real unless the fire is
Put your next duck over a real fire, whether its low and slow or just slow roasting, duck is best when there is lots of smoke and a low time for it to cook. Remember that duck isnt like chicken so you cant treat it that way.

Grilling Game Hens
You’ve heard of personal pizzas, how about personal chickens. Cornish Rock Game Hens are little chickens that are simple to prepare, elegant to serve and fun to eat. Cook them on the grill and make them even better.

Marinating Poultry
Poultry in particular benefits from a good marinade. Skinless, boneless breasts need the marinade for the moisture and every piece needs it for...

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