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Thane Q BBQ - Discontinued

About.com Rating 2 Star Rating
User Rating 2.5 Star Rating (4 Reviews)


The Bottom Line

The number one thing the makers of the Thane Q talk about is its appearance. Personally I'd try to sell a grill on its performance. But that's just me. This is truly a unique looking grill, but it's top heavy and grilling to the edge design make me question its stability and safety. If you do use this grill you better make sure it is set on a level, solid surface.


  • Two individually controlled burners
  • Lightweight design - 13 pounds empty


  • Open top design seems top heavy and unstable
  • Questionable construction. Might not last.
  • Poor Customer service from Thane
  • Reports of fires


  • 105 square inches of non-stick grilling surface
  • 13 pounds without propane bottle
  • Uses standard one-pound propane bottles
  • Automatic electronic igniter
  • Uses custom disposable drip trays. Replacements will have to be bought from maker
  • removable, dishwasher safe cooking grates
  • Folds into a small unit
  • Two individually controlled burners
  • Built-in light

Guide Review - Thane Q BBQ - Discontinued

This unit has been discontinued.

As far as portable gas grills go this one has the most unique design. It also delivers 105 square inches of grilling space at only 13 pounds (without internal fitting propane bottle). Compare that with the Weber Q with 280 square inches of grilling area at 42 pounds unfilled. The Thane Q is cheaper alternative to the Weber Q and costs half as much as the Weber.

The Thane Q looks like a pedestal table top. There isn't a great deal of stability offered from its narrow base and the cook top reaches right out to the very edge. I'm sure if you are careful you won't drop too much food off the edge. I do question the safety of this unit though. I must be placed a level, hard surface to use and even then fully loaded with food it would appear to get top heavy. Bumping into a table it's sitting on my overturn the grill.

You also have to have some kind of drip pan. The grill comes with some of these disposable aluminum pans but if you want to buy more it will cost you $14.95 for ten. Using both sides of the grill uses up two. Of course you can pretty easily fold some heavy aluminum foil to make new ones because at more than $2.00 a piece (after you add in shipping and handling) it seems a little steep to pay $4.00 to grill not including the fuel.

I have received reports of fires associated with this grill. It appears that after a few uses the unit may become dangerous. I am keeping an eye out on this unit.

User Reviews

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 4 out of 5
Unique grill, easy to transport; does the job well, Member calyalie1982

Have owned for about 8 years. Use 1-2 times per year, mostly for tailgating. It cooks great what I grill most: hamburgers, hot dogs, steak and chicken. I always get compliments from onlookers, mostly because of the design and easy transportability. Really like the open flame style. Bought all accessories with it: backpack, grill toolset, flat grill surface for pancakes/eggs, q skewer food turner. All work great and fit nicely in backpack. I keep it clean and it continues to serve me well. Hope to get many more years of use out of it.

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