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Weber Q 220 (Discontinued)

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Weber Q 220 Portable Gas Grill

Weber Q 220 Portable Gas Grill

Weber-Stephen Products Company

The Bottom Line

The Weber Q 220 is the original and the flagship of their popular Q line of portable grills. I say portable because that is what it was built to be but at 42 pounds and requiring two hands to carry, this isn't the most portable, portable gas grill. What it is, is a very good gas grill that just happens to be small enough to be perfect for the balcony or the trunk. The single burner design doesn't give you a great deal of versatility, but with 280 square inches of cooking this little grill can cook up burgers, steaks, and chicken for several people. Efficient design and Weber quality make this a great investment.

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  • Large cooking area for a portable grill
  • Full open gas grilling gets you as closes as possible to real grilling
  • Standard 14.1 ounce fuel tank connection


  • At nearly $200 it is one of the more expensive portables
  • Several available accessories


  • 280 square inch porcelain coated cast iron cooking grate
  • 12,000 BTU tubular stainless steel burner
  • Push Button ignition
  • Large hood promises to make room for a whole chicken
  • Cast Aluminum lid and body
  • Two side work tables
  • Table top size with optional full size stand
  • Weighs about 42 pounds
  • Available conversion for full sized propane tanks

Expert Review - Weber Q 220

This model has been discontinued. It is replaced by the Weber Q 2200.

In the line of true portable grills that you can fold up and carry like a suitcase, this is about as big as you can get. With 280 square inches of grilling space you should be able to do a lot with this unit. The hood gives enough space to grill a whole chicken or large roast, so you get plenty of versatility.

Weber spent some time developing this unit and has been very actively promoting it. They seem to be more proud of the appearance than they are of the capabilities. But the capabilities are pretty impressive, especially in the options package. You can get a full size stand for this unit that brings it up to full grill height. They also offer a refillable propane tank conversion so you can run it on full size propane tanks instead of the smaller disposable bottles.

All in all if one are willing to pay the nearly $200 price tag for this portable you're going to get a really good grill and at the rate they are selling, I think this is going to be a product that will be around for a while.

This is not a good portable grill to carry long distances. At 42 pounds it is pretty heavy. Add fuel, tools and food and you won't want to take this far, but if you want really grilling over gas in a unit that fits in most any car trunk then this is the perfect unit for you.

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