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Plans for Smokers - Plans for building your own custom smoker

Plans for building your own custom smoker from brick and mortar to steel construction. Build the barbecue you need with these plans and construction information.

Backyard Barbecue Pit
Follow in Dave Lineback's footsteps to build your own brick backyard smoker.

Big Baby Double-Barreled Cooker
More information from Garry, this time on the double barrel steel drum smoker.

Build Your Own Brick BBQ Pit
Information from Garry on building your own brick smoker.

Build Your Own Texas Grill
Detailed plans and instructions for building a single barrel metal smoker/grill. Requires welding skills but is pretty basic.

Building a DOWELL Offset Horizontal Smoker
Detailed plans for building a metal horizontal smoker with an off-set firebox. You'll need to know how to weld for this one.

Free Plans for Building a Steel Smoker
Garell York offers these plans for building steel smoker out of old large propane tanks. If you are up to the welding, this is a good looking smoker.

Homemade Smokers and Smokehouses
Some nice pictures and a bit of information from the BBQ Survival Guide.

How to Build a Brick Barbecue
Detailed plans and information on building a basic charcoal or hardwood backyard grill.

Popular Mechanics - Horizontal Offset Smoker
Step by step instructions for making an Offset Smoker, provided you are prepared to do some welding.

Trash Can Smoker
Detailed plans and information on building a smoker out of a metal trash can. It actually looks pretty good.

Wide World of Pits
A collection of pictures of custom barbecue pits. Some of these are very creative solutions to the low and slow cooker.

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