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Pellet Grill Reviews

Wood Pellet Grills are high tech cookers that burn little wood pellets to create heat. Pellet Grills typically have computer controls that let you set time and temperature, both high and low. Basically smoker grills, these units can be used as BBQ Grills and BBQ Smokers.
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Traeger Pellet Lil' Tex
This unit is sold as a grill but works equally well as a smoker. With an optional digital feeder control you can get a low and slow temperature that is perfect for smoking for many hours. This is a pellet grill so it uses small wood pellets, similar to animal feed, that burner cleanly and efficiently. These wood pellets create all the heat and...

Memphis Pro Wood Fire Grill
The Memphis Pro Wood Fire Pellet Grill is one of the best pellet grills on the market. It combines high quality construction and engineering with versatile cooking capabilities that will let you "grill" almost anything. Able to reach temperatures out to 650 degrees F. this pellet grill can sear a steak while also being able to hold temperatures...

MAK Grill 1-Star
It has been described as one of the best starter pellet grills. At around $1,300USD it should be more than a grill for beginners. So is it the right Pellet Grill for you?

Green Mountain Daniel Boone Pellet Grill
Green Mountain Grills offer this pellet cooker for under $1,000USD, which is a bargain for the size and the functionality. While basic in some ways, the features outweigh the limits.

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