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Top 10 Barbecue Mop Recipes

My Popular and Best Mop Recipes


More commonly known as bastes or basting sauces, mops are the true sauce of barbecue. These thin solutions of flavor keep your barbecue and grilling moist and infuse it with flavor while you are cooking. So get yourself a good mopping brush and mix up on of these, the most popular mop recipes on my site.

1. Rib Baste

This is a great mop for all kinds of ribs. You get the tenderizing power of the vinegar and a whole lot of flavor from the herbs and spices.

2. Brisket Beer Mop

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This flavorful barbecue mop recipe will keep your brisket full of flavor and add moisture during the smoking process. Remember to get the mop on the meat and don't worry about the fat.

3. Texas Hillbilly Mop Sauce

Paul Williams sent me this fantastic mop recipe that works well on beef and pretty much anything else. This mop has no sugar so you don't have to worry about it burning.

4. Beef Rib Basting Sauce

This beef rib mop has the right amount of vinegar to keep the ribs tender and moist. It also has a slightly sweet, but mildly spicy flavor which will produce a tasty rack of ribs.

5. Holy Smoke Basting Sauce

This is a good, simple basting sauce or mop, for large cuts of meat. If you don't need this much, cut the recipe down by half.

6. Best Odds Brisket Mop

This is you best shot at a great mop for a smoked beef brisket. This mixture will keep the meat tender, moist, and flavorful while Cookings. Remember to apply the mop every 2 hours.

7. Best Odds Rib Mop

This mop is your best odds to keeping ribs tender and moist during the smoking process. The herbs and spices will add flavor, but remember to apply the mop lightly so you don't wash off the rub.

8. Barbecue Beef Mop

This great beefy mop can be used on any cut of beef, whether you are smoking or grilling, but it is especially good on brisket.

9. Memphis Mop

While Memphis ribs are typically (not always) done without a sauce they do get some moisture, tenderization, and flavor from a good mop. Memphis mops, like most barbecue mops are made with vinegar and some seasoning. We're using our Memphis Rub for flavor. Mops are applied during the smoking process to prevent meats from drying out and to create a layering of flavor that is vital to great barbecue.

10. Everything Basting Sauce

This versatile sauce can be used on any recipe that calls for a basting sauce.

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