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Mop Recipes - Sauces you might know as sop, bastes or mops

Mops are sauces you might know as sop, bastes or mops. They add flavor and moisture while you are cooking

Top 10 Mop Recipes
More commonly known as bastes or basting sauces, mops are the true sauce of barbecue. These thin solutions of flavor keep your barbecue and grilling moist and infuse it with flavor while you are cooking. So get yourself a good mopping brush and mix up on of these, the most popular mop recipes on my site.

Guinness Brisket Mop
Here is another delicious brisket beer mop for you to try. This mop pulls in the deep, rich flavor of a dark stout beer, which gives it a wonderfully unique flavor.

Texas Hillbilly Mop Sauce
Paul Williams sent me this great mop recipe that works great on beef, but also pretty much anything you want. This mop has no sugar so you don't have to worry about burning.

Everything Basting Sauce
This sauce can be used on just about any recipe that calls for a basting sauce.

Owensboro Mutton Barbecue Mop
This mop is the real secret behind Kentucky Barbecue. The combination of vinegar with beer and the spices is really want gives this smoked lamb it's flavor.

Plum Glaze for Smoked Duck
This Asian inspired plum sauce gives roasted duck a great crusty surface and adds a sweet flavor. Baste the duck during the last hour of smoking or the last 30 minutes of grilling. Remember that duck is best slow cooked.

Turkey Baste
Whether you are grilling or smoking your turkey this baste keeps the meat moist, adds great flavor and helps brown the skin. Remember to start basting about an hour after you start cooking.

Achiote Mop
This is a rich, flavorful mop that puts a little heat into whatever you are cooking. The vinegar will tenderize while the achiote paste and spices flavor. Don't be sparing with this mop.

Carolina Lemon Mop
This vinegar based mop has a great lemon flavor that works perfectly with Carolina Barbecued Pork. Adjust the heat by changing the amount of Tobasco.

Bourbon Mop
This is a great sweet mop and works particularly well with beef. This is a great mop for smoked brisket.

Barbecue Beef Mop
This is a great beefy mop you can use on any cut of beef whether you are smoking or grilling, but it is especially good on brisket.

Best Odds Rib Mop
This mop is your best odds to keeping ribs tender and moist during smoking. The herbs and spices will add a lot of flavor during the process, but remember to apply the mop lightly so you don't wash off the rub.

Dry Rib Basting Sauce
This is a good, basic mop for ribs. The olive oil will help it stick and the beer will help tenderize the meat.

Walter Jetton's Mop for all Barbecue Meats
This recipe is exactly the way Water Jetton wrote it down. I modified the instructions a little because he calls for you to make the "bone stock" yourself and most people ask me what exactly is "bone stock". If you are a stickler for authenticity then get a couple of "good stout beef bones" and boil them until you have a good stock. On another...

Super Swine Sizzlers Basting Sauce
This is another great mop for barbecue. This one gets some sweetness from root beer and some heat from chili peppers. Use mild, medium or hot peppers based on your preferences.

Beef Rib Basting Sauce
This mop for beef ribs adds the right amount of vinegar to keep the ribs tender and enough moisture to keep them from drying out. And it adds a lot of great flavor that gives you a slightly sweet, but very tasty rack of ribs.

Best Odds Brisket Mop
This is you best shot at a great mop for smoked beef brisket. This mixture will keep the meat tender and add a lot of flavor while you smoke your brisket. Apply the mop every 2 hours over the smoking time.

Rib Baste
This is a great mop for all kinds of ribs. You get the tenderizing powder of the vinegar and a whole lot of flavor.

JR's Basting Sauce
This is a great mop, or basting sauce for poultry or pork. It also makes a large batch.

Holy Smoke Basting Sauce
This is a good, simple basting sauce or mop, for large cuts of meat. If you don't need this much, cut the recipe down.

Brisket Beer Mop
This flavorful mop will keep your brisket full of flavor and add moisture during the smoking process. Remember to get the mop on the meat and not to worry about the fat.

Pulled Pork Finishing Sauce
The traditional finishing sauce for Carolina Style Pulled Pork. This sauce is served on the table and added by the person doing the eating.

Hog Mop
What to smoke a whole hog? This mop not only gives it a great flavor but makes enough to get you through.

Memphis Mop
While Memphis ribs are typically (not always) done without a sauce they do get some moisture, tenderization, and flavor from a good mop. Memphis mops, like most barbecue mops are made with vinegar and some seasoning. We're using our Memphis Rub for flavor. Mops are applied during the smoking process to prevent meats from drying out and to create...

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