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Top 10 Steak Topper Recipes

The Best Recipes for a Great Steak


A grilled steak is a thing of beauty. A steak topper is a way to take any steak whether tender or tough, thick or thin, rare or well done. These recipes add a while new layer of flavor to any steak you grill.

1. Blue Cheese Steak Topper

Blue Cheese Steak Topper
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Blue cheese can really add flavor to a steak. The combination of the beef flavor with the salty tartness of blue cheese really stands out. No wonder blue cheese is one of the most popular steak toppers.

2. Avocado Steak Topper

Avocado Steak Topper
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This cool, creamy and refreshing avocado steak topper compliments any cut of steak right off the grill. Just dollop right on top and witness the melty, buttery goodness adding extra flavor to the meat. Cut the avocado into chunks or mash for a finer uniformed texture. This steak topper is sure to impress.

3. Horseradish Steak Topper

Horseradish Steak Topper
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I really love a little heat on beef. One of the best ways of getting it is by using horseradish. This recipe yields a nice thick, spicy sauce.

4. Chipotle Steak Butter

This steak topping adds a whole lot of great southwestern flavors with its combination of chipotle peppers and cilantro. This makes a good steak great and a great steak even better.

5. Garlic-Sage Steak Topper

What could compliment a mouth watering steak more than the sweet and savory flavor of sage. This garlic-sage grill topper adds that extra punch to any steak meal. Whether a casual cookout or dinner party, this aromatic steak topper will wow your guests.

6. Lemon-Herb Steak Topper

This refreshing lemon-herb steak topper is ideal for ribeye steaks, but can be served with most cuts of grilled beef.

7. Shallot and Red Wine Steak Topper

This flavorful shallot and red wine steak topper works well on most steaks, but recommended for filets and ribeye steaks. So, next time you want a fine dining experience at home, grill a nice of steak and top with this elegant steak topper.

8. Crab Oscar Steak Topper

What could be more delicious than a scoop of creamy Crab Oscar on top of a sizzling steak? This steak topper is not only easy to prepare, but incredibly flavorful. This will take surf and turf to a new level.

9. Jalapeno-Lime Steak Topper

This spicy steak topper can be used on more than just steak. It's great on grilled chicken or even pork chops and tenderloins. Deveining the pepper and removing the seeds helps to cut the heat. If you are not a fan of spicy foods, but would still like to try this recipe, try using one or even half a jalapeno instead of two.

10. Roquefort and Bacon Steak Topper

This creamy steak topper contains three layers of flavor. First, the pleasant tangy bite of the roquefort cheese, next the salty crispiness of the bacon crumbles, and third, a hint of onion from the shallots and chives. All of these flavors marry well the with beefy goodness of a grilled steak.
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