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Meals and Menus - From the Perfect Chicken Wings to Grilled Desserts

From the Perfect Chicken Wings, Appetizers and Grilled Desserts. Learn how to smoke or grill any dish under the sun. Specific recipes and instructions for everything from Carne Asada to traditional barbecue side dishes.
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Top 10 Girl's Night Cookout Recipe
Want to do something truly unique the next time you have the women over for Girl's Night? Try firing up the grill with these great recipes.

The average grill can do so much more than cook up a steak for a Saturday night dinner. Try grilling breakfast and find out exactly how great breakfast can be. The family grill brings people together, so why not start the day that way. Don't heat up the house and have sausage, eggs, and even pancakes off the grill the next time you want a great family Breakfast.

Romantic Meal Planning for Men - A Meal Guide for the Unromantic
So you might not be the most romantic guy in the world. That shouldnt stop you from preparing a meal she wont soon forget. The secret is all in the planning so prepare early and prepare often.

Baking Bread on your Grill - Hot, dry heat makes a grill the perfect baking oven
Learn about Breads and bread baking for the Grill. The hot, dry heat of a grill is idea of making all kinds of breads. You have to make sure that the bread cooks evenly but you'll really be impressed with the baking abilities of your grill.

Grilling Packets - A quick and easy method to grill a whole meal
Package whole meals for the grill by wrapping everything up in foil and cooking them quickly and easily on the grill. A great way to prepare meals a head of time or to cook individual meals, as you need them.

Dessert - Grilling Dessert is both flavorful and fun
Complete the meal on the grill by grilling up Dessert. Grilled Desserts are great and unique dishes that will impress anyone.

Grilled appetizers allow you to get the gathering going and keep it located around the grill. You can impress your guests and family with these simple ideas while keeping a single place for people to gather. From potato skins to buffalo wings to pizza.

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