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Making Stuffed Burgers - Hamburger Step by Step


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Making Stuffed Burgers
Stuffed Burger

Stuffed Burger

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With these burgers the secret is inside. By stuffing your burger patties with everything from cheese and bacon to mushrooms and onions, you can make a delicious burger that is sure to impress anyone. After all, your local burger joint doesn't specialize in patties like these.

The trick here is to make two very thin patties, place your stuffing on one and top it with another patty. If formed right, using a good quality ground meat and grilled to perfection, you won't have any trouble with these perfect burgers.

What you will need:

  • Ground meat that isn't too lean
  • A good spatula
  • A grill with fuel
  • Burger stuffing ingredients

Think of your favorite ingredients for your stuffed burgers. I often make bacon and cheese stuffed burgers, sauteed onion and garlic burgers, blue cheese burgers, and stuffed mushroom burgers.

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