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Hamburger Recipes

Grilled Burger Recipes of all kinds to fit any taste. Make more than a regular hamburger with any one of these recipes for great hamburgers.
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Top 10 Hamburger Recipes
Since the first fast food joint started turning out hamburgers for the smallest possible price this, greatest of sandwiches has taken it on the chin. We are obligated to turn up our noses at these lifeless, greasy disks and instead seek out the freshest ingredients, the best meats and make our own, greatest hamburgers. These ten burger recipes...

Bacon Double Cheese Stuffed Burgers
This bacon cheese burger has the bacon and cheese inside the patty. A little surprise for a great tasting burger. This recipe comes from Janis Novak.

Jan's Specialty Burgers
These are onion and cheese stuffed burgers that have a great beefy flavor and a surprise in the middle.

To Die for Burgers
Good, garlicy burgers topped with avocados and red peppers.

Cajun Burgers
This burger recipe is filled with flavor. Not only the patties have a Cajun flare, but there is also mildy spicy barbecue sauce to accompany it.

Grilled Basil Burgers
The mixture of ground beef and turkey gives this herb-filled burger a heartier flavor.

Grilled Herb Burgers
These herbed burgers are sure to please! You can use either burger buns or baguettes and your favorite condiments.

Bacon Burger-Style Hot Dog
This is a clever twist on the classic bacon-cheese burger. Load the ground beef with bacon, form into hot dog shaped patties, wrap in more bacon and grill. Stuff into a hot dog bun with cheese and jalapenos and you have a great burger (or is it a hot dog?).

Broadcast Burgers
These burgers are big and full of flavor, but can also be prepared with a milder flavor. Instead of 2 pounds of lean ground beef, use a mixture of 1 pound of ground beef and 1 pound of ground pork.

Grilled Stuffed Pork Burgers
Here is another stuffed burger recipe for you to try. If you don't want to use pork, you can certainly use ground beef, chicken, or turkey.

Grilled Cuban-Style Burgers
These flavorful Cuban-style burgers are simple to prepare.

Pimiento Burger
This stuffed burger gets the onion right in the middle to give it a bit of a bite, then top it off with a cheesy pimiento sauce to make a great hamburger.

A Great Little Hamburger Recipe
This is a, well, great, basic barbecue, bacon burger with the bacon and onion right inside. You could add cheese to it if you wanted.

Grilled Dill Burgers
Looking for something quick to whip up for a cookout or family dinner? Then this recipe is just what you are looking for. Not only is this burger delicious, but it can be prepared in about a half an hour.

Superbowl Burger
Adding wood chips or pellets to the fire gives you more of a wood smoked taste. Don't be afraid to grill a whole baby brie; it's a lot easier than you think. You just have to pay attention and turn it the minute you see the cheese starting to ooze out of the rind. Once it has started to "ooze" on both sides, take it off the grill. The relish is...

Cheese and Jalapeno Stuffed Burgers
This cheese and pepper filled burger recipe is delicious either plain or with a bun. Use your favorite condiments to dress it up to your liking.

Jalapeno Burgers
This is a great way to spice up a regular hamburger. More jalapenos can be added if you like it extra hot.

Mediterranean Hamburger
A quick and flavorful way to dress up the ordinary hamburger. Substitute ground beef with ground lamb for a more Mediterranean flavor.

All Gone Onion Burgers
Lee Custer has these burger patties loaded with great flavor.

Gyro Burger
You can serve this burger on a pita or on a bun. If you go for the pita you might want to make oval patties so it fits the pita better.

Pastrami Burgers
Despite what you might think, this is a classic burger, loaded with meat. Legend has it that this burger was invented in Utah. I guess they know their burgers.

Ostrich Burgers
Ostrich has a flavor and a texture like beef but without the fat. Try these burgers for a lean alternative to the regular old hamburger.

Curry-Turkey Burgers
Ground turkey is easy to find, leaner than beef and full of flavor. These burgers are a great alternative to the regular hamburger. Remember to handle the ground turkey as little as possible or it will become soft and tend to fall apart.

Green Chile Burgers
These burgers have a great Southwestern flavor. You can adjust the heat by using either mild or hot chili powder.

Ruben Burgers
This is one of my favorite burgers, but then I've always been a sucker for a good Ruben Sandwich. This just goes to show that you can take any great Deli sandwich and turn it into a great burger.

Homer's Que Pasa Burger
These burger patties are filled with flavor then topped off with sauted onions. Makes a really great burger.

Chile-Cheese Burger
These are a great variation on a classic burger. You can use hot or mild chiles on the burger depending on how hot you want it.

Mushroom Bacon Burgers
These burgers are so filled with flavor that you probably won't want to put anything on top. After all you get the bacon, mushrooms and barbecue sauce right in the patty.

Mushroom Stuffed Burgers
Like mushroom burgers but don't like having all the mushrooms fall out while you are trying to eat it? Well this burger patty is stuffed with sauted mushrooms so they stay where they are supposed to.

Norm's Elegant Blue Cheese Hamburger
Alan Spahr sent in this great blue cheese burger recipe. Make sure you choose a sweet onion so it doesn't overpower the other flavors.

Chili Burgers
Lee Custer sent me this great recipe for a chili burger with all the chili flavor right in the patty. Top it off like nachos and you have a truly great hamburger.

Moroccan Burgers
These burgers are full of great Moroccan flavors and pine nuts. Truly a unique burger.

Oriental Burger
Really want a different kind of hamburger? Try these burgers loaded with watercress and ginger and topped off with hoisin sauce and bean sprouts.

Green Valley Burgers
These burger patties are stuffed with roasted green chiles and monterey jack cheese. You probably don't need toppings with a burger this good.

Pizza Burger
Imagine having pizza and burgers together. Lee Custer sent me this recipe for a great pizza burger that should make everyone happy.

Why Am I Not Blue Burger
Lee Custer sent me this great blue cheese burger recipe.

Great Canadian Garlic Burger
If you can't find honey garlic sausage I would suggest a sweet Italian sausage instead.

Panther Burger
This is the unofficial burger of the Carolina Panthers. The pecans and peach jam give this burger a nutty, sweet flavor that is a lot better than you think.

Asian Burgers
This is one hamburger that really pushes the limits of what you can do with the same old ground beef. The distinctly Asian flavors in this burger will amaze people.

Patriot Burger
This is a great red, white and blue burger that isn't only Patriotic (especially if you are a New England Patriots Fan) but is delicious too.

Hamburger Italian
Consider this a grown-ups burger. The combination of Italian sausage with ground beef and the artichoke hearts on top give this burger a great flavor that anyone would love. You can spice it up with hot Italian sausage if you want.

Bistro Burger
If you are looking for something a little different in a burger then this might just be the one for you. This tasty burger is dished up on and english muffin and is loaded with great flavors.

Buffalo Chicken Burgers
If you love buffalo chicken wings, then these burgers are right for you. Perfectly flavored, you'll be amazed at the uncanny similarity between this dish and a popular appetizer. So, break out this recipe out for your next cookout, tailgating party, and Superbowl.

Country Burgers
Michelle Warren sent in this burger recipe that uses greek seasonings and a bowl full of corn flakes.

Turkey Burgers with Cucumber Relish
A tasty low-fat turkey burger. You can substitute the sour cream for a healthier alternative like yogurt or low fat sour cream.

Grilled Teriyiaki Turkey Burgers
An Asian style turkey burger that can be eaten with or without a bun.

Brat Burger
Want the best of both worlds? How about a hamburger made with a bratwurst patty, topped with sauerkraut, mustard, and pickles. The best part is that this burger is as easy as any to make. These burgers have a unique flavor that is perfect for the person looking for more than that same old hamburger.

Grilled Pork and Apple Burgers
These burgers are not as unique as you would think. Yes, loaded with flavor, but one fine burger.

Jalapeno, Avocado, Bacon Burgers
These are burgers packed with flavor, from the spicy jalapenos, to the mild avocados. The jalapenos are toasted to bring out the flavor then half goes in the burger patties and the other half on top.

Aloha Burgers - Grilled Hamburger Recipe from Barbecue & Grilling
The true Hawaiian classic burger. While many people might think twice about topping a hamburger with pineapple, this is a great burger that everyone who tries it loves.

Grilled Shrimp Burgers
These grilled shrimp burgers are delicious, easy to prepare and will add variety to your grilling repertoire.

Grilled Taco Burgers
These beef burgers get a Tex-Mex kick with some taco seasoning and all the fixings to make something great without the mess of dealing with taco shells. These are some genuinely flavorful burgers.

Spicy Beer Burgers
One of the best things about this recipe is it leaves you with left over beer to dispose of, but the best thing is the flavor. These burgers have a strong, beefy flavor that is simply fantastic. Give them a try soon. One piece of advice, adjust the amount of bread crumbs to get the burger firm enough for the grill.

Asian-Inspired Pork Burgers
Get ready for an explosion of flavor from these Asian style pork burgers. Packed full of deliciousness, these burgers are further complimented by the crunchy sweet yet, tart slaw that is sure to be a taste bud tantalizer.

Black and Blue Burgers with grilled Vidalia Onions
If you are a fan of black and blue steaks, you will love this burger recipe. Topped with a blue cheese-mayonnaise mixture, these mouthwatering grilled burgers make a great addition to any cookout.

Chorizo-Poblano Pork Burgers
Layered with flavors of the pork-chorizo combination, fire roasted poblanos, a thick dollop of avocado ranch sauce, and the added bite of arugula leaves, this combination produces the most tasty pork burger you'll ever eat. Remember to adjust the chorizo based on your spice preference.

Thai Style Chicken Burgers
These burger patties are so loaded with flavor you will want to eat them all by themselves. This recipes works perfectly well with ground chicken or turkey

Bacon and Cheese Stuffed Burger Patties
What could be better than a fresh off the grill burger patty with stuffed with cheese and chopped bacon? If you love bacon cheeseburgers, this recipe is a must try!

Basic Beef Burger
Looking for a simple burger patty that you can dress up with sauces and other condiments? Well this beef burger recipe is the place to start.

Best Burgers 2013
A collection of delicious burgers with accompanying burger toppings. Find the perfect burger for you next cookout and mix and match the toppings to suit your needs.

Fifty Dollar Rib-eye Burger
Quite likely to be the best hamburger you'll ever try. Rib-eye steaks are ground and filled with a delicious morel mushroom and shallot filling, topped with melted Port Salut cheese, a wine and Dijon reduction, onion rings, then served in a toasted brioche bun.

Lamb Sliders with Feta-Yorgurt Sauce
If you love gyros, you will love these succulent lamb sliders. Not only are they easy to prepare, but packed full of flavor.

Grilled Steak Burgers with Port Wine Reduction Spread
This is sure to be one of the best gourmet burgers you'll ever try. Large, well seasoned patties are grilled to perfection, placed onto toasted Ciabatta bread with melted cheese and topped with a delectable port wine spread. Definitely a great burger for any occasion.

The Stout Patty Melt
This patty melt contains a bit of stout beer in the ground beef patties as well as the sauteed onions, giving it a rich beefy flavor. I recommend using a marbled rye for this recipe.

Grilled Chicken Parmesan Sliders
Chicken parmesan in sandwich form? Yes, please! There is no frying involved in this recipe as the chicken patties are seasoned and taken straight to the grill. Serve up with a homemade marinara sauce, or for a fast and convenient meal, use a store bought brand.

Pulled Pork Sliders
We are all agreement that pulled pork sandwiches are delicious, but these sliders are not only bite sized and flavorful, but includes a nicely seasoned mini beef patty.

Herbed Pork Burgers with Tapenade
This is a great alternative to the standard beef burger. While this recipe calls for beef, you can substitute with ground chicken or turkey. The tapenade aioli adds a level of creamy deliciousness that helps to brighten the herbed flavor of the patty.

Spicy Chicken Burger with Green Onion Aioli
Forget fast food spicy chicken sandwiches, this recipe is fresh, flavorful, and much better for you.

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