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Grilling Ham - Step by Step


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Know your Ham - Grilling Ham
Grilling Ham - Step by Step
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Taking the ham out to the grill is a great way to add flavor to this already delectable treat, while freeing up space in the oven for other items. The trick is to keep the heat low and indirect and to heat the ham through without overcooking it or drying it out. I prefer to put a whole ham on the rotisserie because it roasts the surface nicely, but this can also be challenging, even with the most forgiving hams. Running a rotisserie skewer through a bone in ham takes a delicate touch and a lot of patience (followed by a lot of counterbalancing). If you've picked up a spiral cut ham then the task becomes nearly impossible. If you do manage to get the whole thing on the rod and spinning on the grill, chances are that the slices will fall apart as soon as the chill is off the meat. Since more hams seem to be falling off the assembly line these days than coming out of smokehouses, your chances of finding an inexpensive uncut ham are slim. So for this "how to" I'm going mass market and cooking up a bone in, ready to eat, spiral cut ham from one of the big stores.

Since the rotisserie idea is going to tax even the patience of Job, we are placing this ham straight on the grill to slow roast over an indirect fire, but first we need to examine our ham. Choose a ham with a seasoning packet and not one already rubbed down with sugar and spice. This way we can control the flavor and get the ham nice and hot without burning up the surface. Once you have the ham unpacked make sure that the slices are stacked nicely and the ham is compact. Cut off any hanging pieces but do little else to it (that includes excessive sampling).

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