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From Gas Grills to Smoker to Turkey Fryers, there is a lot of outdoor cooking equipment out there and this is the place to get answers to all your questions. Whether you are looking to equip a full outdoor kitchen or trying to pick up a few barbecue tools for gifts, don"t get confused, get help. Every years hundred of new models and products show up and I spend my days looking them over, kicking the casters and separating the good from the bad.
  1. Gas Grills
  2. Barbecue Smokers
  3. Charcoal Grills
  4. Portable Grills
  5. Charcoal versus Gas
  1. Outdoor Kitchens
  2. Custom Smokers
  3. Tools & Accessories
  4. Maintenance and Repair
  5. Basic Operation

Gas Grills

Weber Spirit E-310 Gas Grill

There are hundreds of brands and models of gas grills out there made by dozens of companies. Sort out the gimmicks from the features and learn whether of not you should be looking at stainless steel or not. I've tried to sort out all the confusion with hundreds of reviews and lists of the best grills you can buy.

Barbecue Smokers

Many people are confused by the wide range of smokers on the market. From the inexpensive water smokers to large smoker rigs to computer controlled electric smokers. Which smoker is right for you? I've tried to narrow down you choices to the best on the market and explain the benefits and disadvantages of all the different types of smokers out there for you to look at.

Charcoal Grills

Charcoal grills give you great flavor and a much more authentic grilling experience than gas. While generally less expensive to buy, these grills are more expensive to operate due to the higher fuel (charcoal) costs. There are a wide range of charcoal grills out there that can do a lot of different kinds of cooking. Finding the right charcoal grill for you is about more than finding the right price, it is finding the grill that will do everything you need it to do. From smoking to rotisserie cooking, charcoal grills today are far more than a pan of coals and a cooking grate.

Portable Grills

Sometimes you need a grill you can take on the road and sometimes you need a grill you can simply pack away. Portable grills come in gas, charcoal and electric models and give you the power and ability to do most any grilling task. Modern science has given us portable grills that give real smoke flavor, can slow roast or can turn out large amounts of food. Since few can do it all you need to know exactly what you are after before you go to buy your new portable grill.

Charcoal versus Gas

It's called the age old question of outdoor cooking. What kind of grill do you want, charcoal or gas? First of all you can also get grills that are powered by wood pellets, electricity or hard woods. The truth is that this question is more about your willingness to work for your food than anything else. Charcoal will give better flavor and a more authentic grilling experience. Gas is faster to start and much more convenient for those weekday cookouts. Deciding between the two is all about deciding what kind of cooking you want to do.

Outdoor Kitchens

Technology has given us the ability to reproduce our kitchens out on the patio no matter where you live. If you have the money, this is the latest, greatest must have in home improvements. Outdoor kitchens can have everything from gas powered ovens, sinks and refrigerators, not to mention a great grill. From the simple, prefabricated grill island to the full features $100,000 kitchen you can avoid stepping indoors for months if you have the cash and the will.

Custom Smokers

Smokers are very basic cooking devices. A cooking chamber, a firebox and a way of controlling the smoke and heat and you have a working smoker. By building your own, or having someone build you a smoker you get exactly the smoker you want. Of course this is easier said than done but with some basic plans you can easily get the idea from which to start.

Tools & Accessories

A spatula in the drawer by the stove is a utensil, but hanging from the grill it is a tool. There are loads of tools, accessories and supplies out there to make your outdoor cooking experience better. Some are more gimmick than gadget so I have tried to pick out the best, most useful things out there to make you a better cook.

Maintenance and Repair

As your grill or smoker begins to age you can either replace it or you can repair it. Taking good care of your outdoor cooking equipment is the first step, but you can also repaint and repair many of these appliances for far less money than it would cost to replace them.

Basic Operation

Getting the basics down when it comes to operating your outdoor cooking equipment will help you be a better outdoor cook. Of course you could ready the manual, but that probably went in the trash with the box. So come here to find some of those basic instructions you now, suddenly need.

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