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Top 10 Books on Grilling

Read up on all the best techniques, recipes, and ideas for backyard grilling


A great book on grilling gives you loads of recipes with a lot instruction to help you be the best griller you can. These books are the best you can buy and give you recipes, examples and enough instruction to get the beginner going and to make the master better. These books are for general grilling skills both gas and charcoal.

1. The Thrill of the Grill: Techniques, Recipes, & Down-Home Barbecue

Thrill of the Grill
Chris Schlesinger and John Willoughby are masters of grilling, barbecue and meat. This book is their first pairing and is the book that taught the world that backyard grilling was more than burgers and steaks. This is probably the one book you have to have whether you are a serious master of the grill or just starting out. This book almost single-handedly changed the landscape of the cookout.
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2. Grilling: Where there's smoke there's flavor

Grilling: Where There's Smoke There's Flavor
DK Publishing
Eric Treuille is a classically trained French chef taking to grilling, but don't worry, his no nonsense style gets to the heart of the matter and shows you how to dress up a simple cookout and turn it into a full meal. This book has become a classic of grilling in part because in converts the world's greatest cuisines to the modern grill. This book is great if you are interested in being able to grill for months without getting board.
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3. Weber's Real Grilling

Weber's Real Grilling
Leisure Arts

Chef Jamie Purviance and Tim Turner team up again for this grilling book from Weber. Don't worry, you don't have to have a Weber to use this book though. With over 200 recipes and loads of instruction you'll be grilling everything from burgers to shrimp. The book has good information on grilling techniques and recipes for marinades and rubs so you'll be able set out on your own. The recipes are fancy enough to impress most anyone without being to complicated of artistic.

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4. The Barbecue! Bible

The Barbecue Bible
Workman Publishing
Either Steven Raichlen had great timing with this book, or this book changed the way people see outdoor cooking. While titled the Barbecue Bible, this book is almost completely about grilling. Steven Raichlen traveled the world to bring out the grilling traditions of every culture. This book with have you making everything from Japanese Yakitori to the good ol' American Hamburger. A great book, packed with recipes. While Steven Raichlen has followed up this book, it is still his classic.
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5. License to Grill

License to Grill
Harper Collins
Chris Schlesinger and John Willoughby follow up the classic Thrill of the Grill with this book that takes you one step beyond. While a complete grilling book on it's own all the recipes are new and unique. If you love Thrill of the Grill you need this book. These guys know grilling and cooking and this book isn't just a great cookbook, it's a good read. You can really tell how much these guys love cooking outback.
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6. Ribs, Chops, Steaks, & Wings

Ribs, Chops, Steaks, & Wings by Ray Lampe
Chronicle Books
Ray Lampe, aka Dr BBQ, is a world class barbecue champion, fantastic griller, recipe developer, and really nice guy. In Ribs, Chops, Steaks, & Wings, Ray focuses in on some of the most popular foods to hit the grill. The 44 recipes in this little book use loads of flavor to make the most of dishes perfect for tailgating, cookouts, and meals any day of the week.
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7. Born to Grill: An American Celebration

Born to Grill
Harvard Common Press
Cheryl Alters Jamison and Bill Jamison helped revolutionize true barbecue with their Sublime Smoke. In this book they put forth a great cookbook on grilling. With loads of recipes, practical advice and just enough instruction, this book really stands out as a great grilling book. The recipes cover virtually everything from appetizers to desserts. A great book with great recipes from people who really know food.
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8. How to Grill: The Complete Illustrated Book of Barbecue Techniques

How to Grill
Workman Pub Co

Steven Raichlen who changed the grilling world forever with his Barbecue! Bible gives us the perfect book for the backyard griller. This "How To" book really delivers great instruction and information on virtually every grilling task. If you're just starting out with the grill this is a perfect book. If you've been grilling for years, you'll learn a lot here. Steven Raichlen takes grilling to a new level with practical instruction, but be warned there are not a lot of recipes.

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9. Weber's Charcoal Grilling

Weber's Charcoal Grilling
Sunset Publishing
Chef Jamie Purviance has again teamed up with Weber to produce another great cook book. This one, however, stands out as a grilling book specifically written for the charcoal grill. If you are interested in returning to charcoal, this book is a definite must have. Filled with great recipes (of course) and loads of information about charcoal, charcoal grills and all the special techniques you have to master to be a great charcoal cook.
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10. Soaked, Slathered, and Seasoned:A Complete Guide to Flavoring Food for the Grill

Soaked, Slathered, and Seasoned
John Wiley & Sons Inc

Say you wanted to grill up some pork chops. You look up a bunch of recipes and notice that most of them give the same basic instructions for how to do it combined with a variety of different rubs, brines, sauces, etc.. In her book, "Soaked, Slathered, and Seasoned" grilling expert Elizabeth Karmel cuts through all that redundancy and gives you some very basic instruction and a long list of possibilities for all the flavor you want. Put these 400 recipes together with some basic grilling instructions and a good collection of decorative and occasionally informative photos and you have yourself a very good grilling book.

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