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Grilling Help - Instructions and Information on all types of Grilling

Instructions and Information on all types of Grilling from Rotisserie to Indirect cooking. Need help Grilling? Find out how to grill the perfect burger or spit roast a whole turkey.
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How to Grill
Learn the basics of Grilling so you won't embarrass yourself at your next cookout. Start with the perfect Hamburger or Steak and work your way up to Beer Can Chicken, Pineapple Desserts, and Veggie and Shrimp Kebabs

Barbecue Myths
What if I told you that searing that steak doesn't hold in the juices? Neither does setting aside the fork in favor of the spatula. Is mayonnaise a sea of bacteria waiting to ruin your cookout? Should you spray down that flare-up? There are a lot of myths out there in the barbecue and grilling world and some of them are preventing you from being...

Searing - Separate the myth from the facts
Many people will tell you that the secret to the perfectly grilled steak is in the searing. But what is searing and how does it work? The theory is that searing creates an impenetrable crust on the surface of meat that block the flow of juices. Experience and science tell us something different.

Brining adds flavor, moisture, tenderness and reduces the cooking time of meats. Question is, why don't you do it?

Inexpensive Cuts of Meat
Expensive cuts of meat tend to be the ones that are tender and can be cooked quickly and easily. This doesn't mean that you can't create a great meal with a cut that costs less. Barbecue and Grilling give you the ability to cook these cuts right and make something better than most any restaurant can turn out. These are the perfect meats for the...

Gas Grilling Tips
Grilling, like most forms of cooking is more art than science. You can follow a few basic rules but after that it is your skill and style that will make you a great griller or a not so great griller. These tips will help you with many of the problems most people have. As you will notice, maintenance and grill care as a big part of the process....

Barbecue & Grilling Cost Cutting
Learn how to save a little money when you take your dinner out to the grill. A few simple tips can help you save money now and in the long run by being informed about your purchases and your cooking, while helping to improve your outdoor cooking experience. To save money you need to be a smart consumer and a smart griller.

Green Grilling
While the environmental impact of grilling is negligible compared with most of the other things we do in our day it is important that we take every aspect of our lives into consideration when it comes to combating air pollution and our carbon footprint. By making a few changes to the way we grill and the kinds of products we buy we can make grilling green. Try out these suggestions to make your outdoor cooking more environmentally friendly.

It has been called the microwave of the outdoor kitchen, but is infrared really the secret to better grilling. Dozens of companies are betting that you will pay a lot of money to get a grill that cooks hotter and faster. The problem is, will it help you grill better.

Smoke Point
If you get oil too hot it breaks down and started to smoke. When this happens the good oil you were relying on to prevent sticking and to add some flavor to your foods fails. Now you are going to get a sticky, soapy substance that tastes very bad and won't prevent sticking. Every oil (or fat) has its own unique smoke point so choose your oil...

Safety Tips for Barbecue & Grilling
Everything has its risks. Knowing what those risks are and how to reduce them is the secret to success. When cooking outdoors, whether hot and fast grilling, or low and slow barbecue there are a few things you need to know to make sure nothing goes seriously wrong and to get the most out of your cooking. Combining explosive fuels with food, hot...

Unless you are grilling fat free foods you will probably end up with flare-ups. These grease fires can ruin your meal and damage your grill, but if you learn how to manage flare-ups they won’t be a problem.

Grilling in Corn Husks
Use corn husks, fresh or dried, when grilling gentle foods to hold everything together and to add flavor to your grilling. Not only are corn husks a great traditional way of cooking, but an easy way to make the most of anything you grill.

Indoor Grilling - When outside just isn’t an option
Can you really grill something good without stepping out the door? How close is indoor to outdoor? The truth is indoor grilling appliances can’t give you authentic flavor and many of the claims made by them are just plain wrong. However, if you don’t have a choice then indoor is better than not grilling at all.

Building a Fire
The first step of mastering grilling is to master the fire. Learn the secrets of fire building and be a better griller.

Grilling Sandwiches
A great grilled sandwich is more than a pile of meat, vegetables and cheese cooked on a hot plate. A great grilled sandwich has authentic flavor form the fire, not the metal. By grilling the meat, vegetables and bread you get so much more out of a sandwich. After all you grill your hamburger.

Cocktail Grilling
The natural marinating power of alcohol and the wonderful flavors of your favorite cocktails make grilling with them a great idea. Take your favorite drink, pour it over your favorite meat to marinate then throw it on the grill. The spectacular flare-up is a real show stopper and the flavors make an excellent dish whether it’s a main course or an appetizer for your next cocktail party.

Healthy Grilling
Grill healthy by first planning to eat healthy. Choose foods that are naturally low in fat and then learn how to reduce the risks associated by grilling. Grill reduces fat on foods and provides a fast and easy way to make a healthy meal but cancer causing substances can form on the surface of grilled foods if you are not careful. The secret is to marinate and to keep the fat to a minimum.

Indirect versus Direct Grilling -
Knowing the difference between direct and indirect grilling is one of the most important parts of good grilling. Direct gives you hot and fast, while indirect allows you to cook slow enough to keep meats moist that would otherwise end up dry.

Making Smoke - Add an authentic smoke flavor you your grilling
Grilling is hot and fast. Is there time to get the real smoke flavor into foods? You bet.

Weekday Grilling - Master the Tuesday night cookout
You’ve mastered Saturday burgers and dogs, but what about the weeknight’s dinner? Plan ahead and you can have a great meal from the grill in less time than it would take to cook it in your kitchen. Make every meal a great grilled meal, even if you don’t have a lot of time.

Grilling Safety - Burning hot metal, explosive liquids, you'd better be careful.
Burning hot metal, explosive liquids, you'd better be careful. When it comes to grilling, whether over charcoal or gas, safety has to be the first and last thing you think about.

Cleaning your Grill
A dirty grill produces bad tasting food and just won’t last, but some simple and easy cleaning will keep it grilling great food for many years.

Grilling versus Broiling
Broiling has always been the alternative to grilling when you just can’t grill. Knowing the differences between the two will let you broil the best grilled meal.

Emergency Grilling
How do you cook when the Power is out? If you have a grill outback then you have no problem. Be prepared to grill great, complete meals when the lights go out.

Caring for Cast Iron
A well cared for piece of cast iron cookware will last a lifetime. Learn the secrets to keep your cast iron cookware cooking forever.

Griddle Cooking
A griddle for your grill will let you take anything outdoors to cook. It’s outdoor cooking of anything you can imagine on the grill whether it’s charcoal or gas, a griddle is the perfect accessory.

Grilling Packets
Package whole meals for the grill by wrapping everything up in foil and cooking them quickly and easily on the grill. A great way to prepare meals a head of time or to cook individual meals, as you need them.

Grilling Sausage
It might seem simple to grill sausage, but they can be truly deceiving. There’s an art to grilling a sausage, getting it done and holding in the flavor. Once you master the art you won’t cook sausage any other way.

Hibachi Grilling
These charcoal grills can do most anything except grill a big meal. Get the right hibachi and you will not only be able to grill almost anywhere outdoors but you'll be able to make some great meals.

Outdoor Food Safety
The great outdoors can add a lot to a meal. Keep your food cold, covered and safe so you don’t end up adding something you didn’t intend.

Aromatic wood smoke enhances flavors and adds the necessary piece to any outdoor cooking. Choosing the right smoke for the right dish is the secret to true barbecue and the best grilling.

Making a Flower Pot Grill
In this day and age it's almost hard to think of grilling without a grill. Once, long ago you could cook a meal with a good fire and a trusty stick. Of course, most people don't have space to light up a campfire in the yard and sit back to cook threaded foods on sticks. Just too messy. A great, fun way to cook up a special meal is with a flower...

Low Carb Grilling
Meat has virtually no carbohydrates. What you do to it typically does. Watch out for commercial sauces, marinades, and rubs. Many of them are loaded with sugar. After all, isn’t sugar our favorite flavor? Try something with real flavor instead. Choose wisely and go low carb.

Plank Grilling
You've probably heard of cedar plank grilled salmon, but did you know that you can use these grilling planks for so much more. Plank grilling slows down the grilling, allows foods to soak up some smoke, and makes it easy to grill delicate foods.

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