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Jenn-Air 45,000 BTU Model# 720-0163 Gas Grill Review - Discontinued

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The Bottom Line

This line of grills have been very successful. For 2006 this unit has been redesigned to address issues of low heat output, bad casters and assembly problems. The price has increased to $699USD, but still a very low price for a full feature stainless steel gas grill. The emphasis on delivering a full function, all stainless steel gas grill has limited the overall construction quality. While this is a good grill for a good price, you do get what you pay for.


  • Solid Cast Brass burners
  • Stainless Steel Construction
  • Large Cooking area
  • Improved design over the 2005 model


  • Relies on thin metal and limited quality to achieve its price
  • More emphasis on appearance than cooking abilities and quality
  • Long term parts availability is unknown


  • Three Cast Brass 15,000 Burners
  • 480 square inches primary cooking area with a total grilling area of 732 square inches
  • 45,000 BTUs from the main burners
  • Dual wall lid provides good heat retention and insulation
  • 12,000 BTU side burner under a flush fitting cover
  • 14,000 BTU rear mounted infrared rotisserie burner. Rotisserie kit extra
  • Pull out tank drawer
  • Individual electronic igniters on every burner
  • Two large wheels easy moving
  • Enclosed cart

Guide Review - Jenn-Air 45,000 BTU Model# 720-0163 Gas Grill Review - Discontinued

This grill has been discontinued. It has been replaced by the Jenn-Air 45,000 BTU Gas Grill (model #720-0336)

First of all this grill is a Lowe's store brand grill. They licensed the name Jenn-Air and hired Nexgrill of China to make it. While Lowe's pushed the Jenn-Air name, they had nothing to do with this grill and do not support it. Support is provided by Lowe's Stores. Do not buy this grill because of it's name. Support for these grills has been improved since these grills where introduced in 2004.

Having said that, this is a decent gas grill for the price. You get a complete stainless steel unit with three cast brass burners, 45,000 BTUs under about 480 square inches of primary grilling area, a 12,000 BTU flush mounted side burner and a 14,000 BTU rear mounted infrared rotisserie burner. While you get the burner, you have to pay extra for the rotisserie system.

On the plus side for this grill the dual layer stainless steel protects the appearance and reduces the external heat, making it safer to use. The ceramic briquette barrier won't necessarily reduce flare-ups, but they do distribute the heat well. The BTU rating from the main burners is good, but still just a little low. Preheat times should be too long and you will get good heat on the stainless steel grates to sear.

The downside of this grill is that it isn't built to last. While you will get many years out of it, I don't believe it would make it to ten. A lot of attention is placed on appearance and features at the cost of durability. However, most owners of these grills are satisfied.

User Reviews

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 1 out of 5
Jenn-Air, did not last, parts hard to find, pricey, Member safeguy

Just 2 years old and lots of problems with this Jenn-Air grill. The wheels are locked (they came that way new) and will not unlock making this grill hard to move. All three burners are bad ( they have holes in the top of them from deterioration), All three burner shields that cover the burners have holes in them as well. The channels that connect the burners in the back are rusted bad. Igniters do not work at all. This grill has been kept out of the weather and in my heated garage when not in use. Replacement parts are very pricey and are hard to find. We are now looking for a new grill.

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