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Party King Grills Swing 'N Smoke MVP-8400 Tailgate Grill

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Party King Grills Swing 'N Smoke MVP-8400 Tailgate Grill

Party King Grills Swing 'N Smoke MVP-8400 Tailgate Grill

Party King Grills LLC.

The Bottom Line

This is a trailer hitch mounted 3-burner propane gas grill on a swing arm that not only lets you tote your grill pretty much anywhere but swings away from your vehicle far enough to open a tailgate or access your trunk. The Party King MVP-8400 grill is built for tailgating but can be used as a standard patio grill. Not only do you get the swing arm mounting, but this grill can be put on an optional cart and used year round. While okay as a patio grill it is a large, powerful tailgating grill that will let you grill up more than just the typical burgers and dogs.
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  • Large, full sized gas grill that can go anywhere your trailer hitch can
  • Three burner design gives you great versatility
  • Good tailgating grill


  • A high BTU gas grill to run on portable propane bottles
  • Okay patio grill


  • Three 11,5000 BTU stainless steel tubular burners
  • Primary cooking area of 406 square inches for a total grilling space of 540 square inches
  • 34,500 total BTU output from the main burners
  • Two stainless steel wire cooking grates
  • Porcelain coated steel and stainless steel construction
  • Electric (AA-battery) ignition
  • Runs on two 1-pound propane bottles
  • Swing arm fits a standard 2-inch trailer hitch
  • Two legs make this a stable and sturdy tailgating grill
  • Made in China by Party King Grills LLC.

Guide Review - Party King Grills Swing 'N Smoke MVP-8400 Tailgate Grill

You're headed to the game to do some tailgating and you want nothing more than to take you favorite cooking appliance, your outdoor gas grill. Now, unless you have a ramp or some strong friends and a pickup truck you probably won't be taking that full sized grill with you. Well, what if you could hook your grill on your standard 2-inch trailer hitch (truck or SUV required) and take it with you. The Party King Tailgating grills will do just that. This MVP-8400 is a hitch mounted gas grill on a swing arm that extends away from your vehicle (so you can get into it and not have a hot grill pressed up against your truck a few feet from your gas tank). This grill is more than just a little portable grill on a trailer mount. It is a full sized 3-burner gas grill that will let you cook just about anything you want.

There are a couple of variations to this model but the MVP-8400 the most basic of the product line has the same grill and swing arm mounting (and umbrella stand). The grill is after all the most important part here and this grill is not unlike many of the gas grills you see in hardware stores these days. You get three stainless steel tubular burners, stainless steel vaporization barrier and a stainless steel/porcelain steel cooking chamber. These are all the features you would want on your backyard grill.

This grill gives you the option of running it on a pair of 1-pound disposable propane bottles. While the company says this can give you 2 to 3 hours of burn time depending on how hot you run the grill, if you are running it at full power you might not get a full hour out of it. At least that is based on the actual math. If you plan on grilling for long periods of time you will want to hook this gas grill up to a standard 20-pound tank.

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