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Roasting Chestnuts


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Cutting the Chestnuts - Roasting Chestnuts on the Grill
Cutting Chestnuts

Cutting Chestnuts

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Chestnuts have always been one of the most popular holiday treats. However, today few people seem to know how to prepare them. What you need is a high, intense heat to cook the chestnuts to make them sweet and wonderful. Chances are you have the perfect piece of cooking equipment sitting on your patio. Your grill, whether gas or charcoal, will provide the kind of heat needed to cook chestnuts.

You may have heard of chestnuts popping on an open fire. Actually you don't want them popping too much. To keep them from literally exploding, cut a little X in the shell of the chestnut to let out the steam as they cook. This is easily done by pushing the point of a paring knife through the shell.

Make sure to inspect the chestnuts and throw out any that are cracked, moldy or rattle. If the meat inside is dried out the chestnuts will rattle with a hard sound like a marble inside. These are no good.

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