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Grilling Corn on the Cob


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Removing the Silk
Corn on the Cob with the Husks pulled down

Corn on the Cob with the Husks pulled down

Derrick Riches
Fresh corn on the cob is lined with corn silk. These are the long, thin, unappetizing strands of silky threads running between the protective husks and the delicious kernels. Remove the ears of corn from the water and take off three or four outer layers of the husk. A few layers should remain to protect the corn as it cooks, but not all of it is needed. Save the detached husk leaves for tying the tips of the corn cob.

Now gently pull down the remaining husks to expose the corn and the silk. Remove as much of the silk as is possible. Don't worry if a little still remains, since the rest of the silk will be removed after the husks are grilled.

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