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Grilled Fish Recipes - Grilling and smoking recipes for fish

Grilling and smoking recipes for all kinds of fish from trout to salmon to tilapia to anything else you can hook.
  1. Grilled Salmon Recipes (32)

Top 10 Grilled Fish Recipes
The best way to cook fish is over an open flame. If you've ever cooked fresh trout over a campfire you know what I mean. These ten recipe represent the best and the most popular Fish Recipes on my site. From Tilapia to Snapper, these recipes will serve any purpose and satisfy and anyone.

Tropical Glazed Catfish
The glaze for this grilled catfish is a great fruit based barbecue sauce that works as well on fish as it does chicken or pork. You might want to keep this recipe in mind for more than fish.

Ginger-Lime Swordfish
The marinade in this swordfish recipe gives you a great Asian flavor, nearly a Teriyaki. The sweet and pungent flavors make and most of this fish.

Grilled Tuna Burgers
This is a way to make a tuna fish sandwich into something spectacular. Make sure that your cooking surface is very clean and well oiled before you start. Be careful with the patties and you will have a fantastic sandwich.

Grilled Asian Style Catfish
This catfish recipe is easy to prepare. Just mix together the Asian seasonings, add the fish, and allow it marinate for up eight hours.

Cedar Plank Halibut
This is a simple, light halibut recipe that doesn't require a lot of work. Just make sure to soak the cedar planks for atleast an hour before placing on the grill.

Grilled Lemon-Basil Halibut
This halibut has the simple, delicate flavors of lemon and basil. Serve with grilled vegetables or over rice.

Grilled Catfish in Corn Husks
Grilling fish in corn husks helps to keep it tender and moist, as well as flavorful.

Grilled Trout in Corn Husks
This is a quick and easy way to prepare a delicious trout dish.

Grilled Jamaican Jerk Tilapia Packets
If you're in the mood for a caribbean meal, this this grilled tilapia dish is sure to please. You can adjust the spiciness of this dish by omitting the poblano pepper.

Grilled Bourbon Tuna Steaks
This tuna recipe has a mixture of flavors that really compliment each other. It's spicy, yet sweet, and pugeant as well. Enjoy with you favorite grilled vegetables or with rice.

Grilled Sea Bass Marinated in Sake
This is a simple grilled sea bass dish to prepare. Since you can marinate the fish overnight, this makes it a great make ahead meal.

Grilled Jamaican Jerk Catfish
This grilled jerk-style fish recipe is fantastic! If you want to make it spicier, just add another chopped jalapeno to the seasonings.

Grilled Tandoori Cod
This tandoori cod recipe is simple to prepare and delicious as well. Enjoy with your favorite rice dish or with grilled vegetables.

Grilled Mustard and Miso Sea Bass
This grilled fish recipe uses white miso paste which is far milder and sweeter than the darker varieties. The combination of rice wine, mustard, and miso makes this Japanese inspired dish absolutely delicious and tender.

Grilled Thai Snapper Packets
This is a quick, delicious, and no mess way to prepare an Asian style snapper dish.

Grilled Onion Butter Cod
This delicious grilled cod is tender and buttery. Serve with your favorite grilled potatoes or vegetable of your choice.

Cilantro and Butter Trout
This trout recipe call for a delcious butter-herb basting sauce.

Grilled Thai-Style Tilapia
This is a flavorful tilapia recipe sure to please your guests. Remember to grill talapia on one side so that the Thai seasoning mixture won't get lost in the flame.

Sea Bass Kebabs
This is a quick and easy way to prepare sea bass on the grill. This recipe also works well for parties.

Sweet and Spicy Grilled Catfish
You can have the option of using the sauce as a marinade or for basting the catfish with.

Hawaiian Style Catfish
This is a different way to prepare catfish. The Hawaiian-style sauce is complimented by the mild fish and the sweetness of the pineapple.

Moroccan Grilled Fish Kebabs
This is a nice and simple way to prepare flavorful fish kebabs.

Grilled Ginger-Apricot Grouper
This grouper dish has a great spicy flavor which is complimented by the fruitiness of the ginger-apricot dressing.

Grilled Honey Mustard Sea Bass
The honey mustard sauce compliments the buttery flavor of the sea bass fillets.

Grilled Sea Bass in Thai Sauce
This is a quick and easy sea bass recipe with a very flavorful Thai sauce. Remember to baste fish often while on the grill to keep it moist delicious.

Grilled Sea Bass with Garlic Butter
This is a wonderful yet simple way to prepare sea bass. The garlic butter sauce blends nicely with this mild, flaky fish.

Tunisian-Style Grilled Halibut
Here is a different way to season a halibut fillet. Try this dish with grilled tomatoes or eggplant.

Halibut in Tropical Rum Sauce
This grilled halibut dish is accompanied by a sweet yet spicy sauce. Very flavorful!

Mustard Tarragon Halibut
Tender flaky halibut steaks with a hint of dijon mustard and lemon. This lightly flavored main course can be accompanied by grilled potatoes or asparagus.

Grilled Fish Cakes
Yes, you can grill fish cakes. This recipes will hold together on the grill, but you should still be careful. Make sure you cooking surface is well oiled and that you use a good spatula.

Cajun Citrus Grilled Red Snapper
These simple snapper fillets have a great cajun flavor and are very easy to make. Since you don't have to marinate for a long time you can prepare this one after work.

Tangy Sole
This fillet of sole gets marinated with some great flavors then grilled hot and fast.

Swordfish with Orange-Tomato Salsa
These swordfish steaks are marinated, grilled hot and fast then served up with a sweet orange and tomato salsa.

Tarragon Fish with Vegetables
These fish fillets get wrapped up with vegetables and tarragon so you get a great tasting meal wrapped up in a packet.

Marinated Swordfish
This marinade uses yogurt to hold its flavors in place. While this recipes is for swordfish you'll find this is a great marinade for any kind of fish.

Italian Style Trout
These trout are stuffed with olives, shallots and a lot of flavor. Grill hot and fast then serve.

Perch with Sage
This is a great little recipe for grilling perch.

Sweet n Sour Halibut
The thick, rich sauce then gets poured over these halibut steaks is the same sauce you marinate them it. You get a lot of flavor without a lot of trouble.

Red Pepper and Halibut Kebabs
These halibut kebabs are grilled up with some real heat. If you want to cool this one off leave out the serrano pepper.

Swordfish Verde
This is a new take on an old favorite. By using fish for your verde you get a healthier meal and some really great flavors.

Fish Roll-Ups
This is a traditional Australian Fish Recipe.

Snapper with Chiles
Red Snapper is a great fish to grill. This recipe holds to the traditions of Mexican flavors with the tomatilloes and chiles. While this might look like a complex recipe it is certainly worth the work.

White Fish in Grape Leaves
By wrapping fish in leaves before you grill it you get a great grilling packet that holds in the flavor and the moisture and reduces the drying and burning.

Cajun Citrus Grilled Fish
This very simple recipe is great for any kind of fish, particularly a snapper or white fish, and you can put the whole thing together quickly.

Lime and Cilantro Halibut
This halibut is basted in a rich butter sauce that is loaded with flavor. You can serve this grilled fish all by itself or it makes the perfect fish for anything from salads to fish tacos.

Smoked Trout Spread
This is one of my favorite appetizers. You only need to smoke the trout for about an hour to get it cooked and to get that great smoke flavor into it. Blend it all together and you have a great dip.

Orange-Ginger Tilapia
Tilapia is an excellent fish for grilling. If you have never tried grilling a whole fish you really should take a crack at this recipe. It is certain to impress.

Southwestern Sea Bass
This is a great way to turn simple fish fillets into a great meal. The sea bass is only lightly seasoned, allowing the flavor of the fish to come through. Then the whole thing is served up with a great corn salsa with grilled bell peppers.

Snapper in a Banana Leaf
This traditional method for grilling fish uses a banana leaf to hold the fish together, steam it to perfection while allowing the great smoke flavor to gently soak into the package. A great way of grilling fish that is delicate because the banana leaf holds it all together and lets you add anything you want to the packet.

Caribbean Fillet of Fish
These fish fillets are basted in a rich Caribbean style sauce that gives them a great flavor.

Grill-Fried Fish
This is a unique recipe for the grill. The fish is coated in dehydrated potato flakes, wrapped in foil with butter and oil to fry on the grill. A great way to get fried fish without messing up the kitchen.

Bahamian Stripped Bass
A scotch bonnet chile is a favorite in the Caribbean. It is a very, very hot chile so be careful with it. If you can't find one try a habanero chile instead.

Hibachi Teriyaki Tuna
These tuna slices are grilled for only a few minutes. You want it hot and fast to sear the fish without overcooking it. When the tuna starts to get stiff on the grill it's time to get it off. Serve with this great Teriyaki sauce.

Blackened Red Snapper
You want to have you grill as hot as you can get it for this recipe. The idea is to get the seasonings to start to blacken before you flip the fish. Then serve it up with the lemon-butter sauce.

Southwestern Mahi Mahi
These fish fillets are marinated in southwestern flavors making this not only a great main course but the perfect fish for Mexican inspired dishes like fish tacos.

Seared Tuna in Wasabi Sauce
This tuna is just seared and not cooked through. Use sushi quality tuna because you want to leave the center very rare. Of course you can decide how cooked you want this tuna.

Tuna Italian
These tuna steaks are grilled up hot and fast and served with an Italian inspired roasted pepper sauce. Watch the tuna very closely while it grills. You want to take it off the second it is cooked through the middle and not a second later. Tuna can dry out quickly so this recipe has a wonderful sauce to go over top the tuna.

Grilled Shark
Shark has a lot of flavor and this marinade doesn't overpower it.

Jamaican Halibut
This Halibut is grill Jerk style with loads of flavor. The rum really stands out in this recipe.

Grilled Catfish
This is a quick way to grill a catfish. You add the flavorful sauce to the fish as it cooks so you could cook this one up in about 10 minutes.

Soy Halibut Steaks
This is a quick way to get a great halibut steak grilled. The rich color of the basting sauce gives a lot of character to this dish.

Garlic Halibut Steaks
Halibut is a great fish to grill because it is so versatile and can take on so many different flavors. This halibut is loaded up with garlic and herbs and makes a great meal.

Mesquite Grilled Tuna Steaks ala Don
Donald Thompson sent me this recipe for a great grilled Tuna Steak. Remember, when buying tuna it should have a deep, rich and even color.

Grilled Catfish Fillets
By marinating and basting these catfish fillets you don't have to worry about them drying out. The combination of flavors adds to the catfish without overpowering it.

Grilled Walleye
The addition of the pecans on this fish gives not only great flavor to the recipe but a nice crunch that really makes this Walleye stand out.

Halibut Steak with Oranges
The orange slices that sit on these halibut steaks as they grill bastes the fish as it cooks filling it with flavor. You could just as easily use lemon or lime slices if you want.

Grilled Citrus Tuna
The real secret to grilling tuna steaks is to not overcook them. Grill hot and fast and take them off as soon as you can.

Grilled Trout Florentine
This is a classic grilled trout recipe. The stuffing adds a lot of flavor and turns this into a complete meal.

Grilled Trout with Parsley
This recipe works best with whole fish so that you can stuff all that flavor inside and then grill.

Spicy Tuna Fillets
You want to grill these tuna fillets very hot. If you get good quality fillets you won't need to get them anything more than warmed through the middle.

Camp Out Trout
This is a great recipe for trout whether you just caught them or picked them up at the store.

Spicy Tilapia with Aioli
This is a really great recipe for fish. This tilapia is loaded with flavor and is very similar to many of the dishes you find in restaurants.

Blackened Fish
This is the traditional way to blacken fish in a heavy cast-iron skillet. The advantage of doing it outdoors on the grill is you don't fill the kitchen with smoke.

Red Snapper Veracruz
These red snapper fillets are grilled up in packets with a salsa mixture that really adds a lot of flavor. Use a salsa with the level of heat you like.

Asian Jerk Red Snapper
This recipe combines jerk seasoning with an Asian style baste. The blending of flavors really adds a lot to this Red Snapper dish.

Grilled Red Snapper
This recipe calls for a whole fish. If you haven't grilled a whole fish yet, it isn't as difficult as it might sound. This is the traditional Mexican method for grilling snapper.

Lime & Basil Tilapia
The lime and basil flavor in this recipe really adds to the Tilapia making a great piece of fish. This makes a great fish for Tacos.

African Tilapia
This marinated Tilapia is grilled hot while basted in the marinade to give it lots of extra flavor.

Cedar Plank Trout Recipe - Grilled Fish Recipe from Barbecue & Grilling
Trout grilled on a cedar plank is both a great way to grill fish but also a traditional method of preparation. This recipe will require a thin, clean, untreated cedar plank to set the fish on while it grills. The smoke and flavor of the wood really enhance this recipe.

Grilled Mahi Mahi
This is a quick and easy grilled Mahi Mahi with a nice mix of lime and cilantro. While perfect all by itself these Mahi Mahi fillets are fantastic in fish tacos.

Honey-Dijon Arctic Char
Arctic char is a wonderful fish that benefits from a good seasoning paste. The honey-Dijon mixture coats the fish adding a nice depth of flavor. Serve alongside grilled vegetable kebabs and you will have a nice quick, healthy meal in no time.

Halibut Packets with Lemon-Thyme Butter
Quick and easy to prepare, yet generously flavored, this halibut packet recipe is a great addition to your weekday meal repertoire. Serve over rice or with grilled vegetables for a delicious and nutritious dining experience.

Halibut Tacos with R
These tacos have a wonderful blend of flavors. The halibut lends a buttery flavor to the natural bitterness of the radicchio, while rounded out by the creaminess of the avocado. If radicchio offers too much of an edge, try substituting this ingredient with red cabbage.

Grilled Chilean Sea Bass with Garlic Butter and Oregano Pesto
As if grilled Chilean sea bass wasn't good enough, this recipe calls for it to be drizzled with garlic butter and topped off with an oregano pesto. A truly delicious meal!

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